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The ultimate makeup guide for sunny days

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Indian summer friendly beauty to keep your sparkling .
Whether it’s a romantic getaway to watch the setting sun or a stylish brunch, the only way to end your outing looking like a sun goddess is by wearing makeup best suited for hot summer days. Of course, donning SPF infused makeup is a given but the trick is to choose beauty products that sit lightly on skin without streaking or melting. In fact, the thought of wearing a full face of makeup during unforgiving Indian summers is a daunting prospect, especially if you have combination or oily skin. Sweat, excess oil, high temperatures and humidity equals makeup meltdowns! The trick to keeping your overall look fresh is mastering the no-makeup look and selecting tinted moisturizer, lipstick and compact containing the all-important SPF. Here are some tips on how you can combat the heat and stay fresh-faced throughout the day!
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Sun protection comes first
Your sunscreen/sunblock is the single most important part of your beauty routine in the summer. Ideally, you should use sun protection throughout the year but it becomes even more important in the summers when the sun beats down and causes skin damage. We generally associate sun damage with tanning and skin darkening but sun exposure can also cause skin aging, lines and wrinkles. So, it’s vital to choose a sunscreen that works with your skin texture. Normal to oilier skin types should opt for a light lotion or gel sunscreen while normal to dry skinned gals can opt for a cream or lotion formula. If you know you’ll be spending long periods outdoors make sure to reapply sunscreen every two to three hours. Look for the words “broad spectrum” and “non-comedogenic” (for oilier skins) while picking a sunscreen. The ideal sunscreen should have SPF 30 or higher. Choose a moisturising sunscreen if you have dry or sensitive skin.
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Nykaa offers a great range of sunscreens for all skin types. My recommendations:
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Long-lasting sweat proof base
Once you’ve applied sunscreen, it’s time to start with your makeup. Ideally, use base products which also have inbuilt SPF as layering protective products enhances sun protection. A layer of base on the skin also gives barrier protection to the skin not only from the sun but pollution too. Before using a foundation or BB cream, use a primer to prevent makeup meltdown due to sweat and heat. Primers don’t just create a smooth base that helps makeup stay on longer but also smoothen and mattify the face, making it the best oil control formula for summer wear. If you have extremely oily skin, skip the liquid foundation and opt for a powder formula instead. It’s a good idea to swap foundation for tinted moisturizers that even out skin tone, add radiance, and don’t feel heavy in the heat. If you’re using a liquid product, make sure to set it well with a loose powder especially in the T-zone area where the skin produces the most oils.
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My recommendations for summer wear primers and BB creams:
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Touch ups on the go!
Make sure to carry oil blotting sheets and a pressed powder in your handbag. Anytime you feel your skin getting oily, gently pat the blotting sheet on the offending areas to blot away shine. Then dab a little powder to prevent oil build up. I also recommend a soothing face mist like Avene Thermal Spring Water to refresh and calm the skin when out in the heat.
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Summertime eye makeup
Washable mascara and eyeliner are a complete no-no in summer. All you’ll end up with is smudged eye makeup that looks like panda eyes before you know it. Water-resistant mascaras are the easiest way to avoid this but if you find long-wearing formulas irritating, here’s a simple trick; sweep waterproof mascara over your regular black one to seal the color. Then use a smudge proof and waterproof eyeliner to keep the makeup intact even if everyone around you is having a melt down!
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My recommendations for water-proof, long stay eye makeup:
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Color up lips and cheeks
Long stay lip and cheek stains are a great option since they don’t budge or smudge. The light watery texture is designed to sink into skin completely without causing greasiness. If you have oily skin, avoid cream blushes and stick to powder formulas. Drier skinned girls can use either but remember to set the cream blush with a light dusting of translucent powder. For the lips, I prefer sheer hydrating lip products as the heat can parch your pucker! A fresh translucent color on the lips is a great way to lift the face. Always carry a hydrating lip balm with SPF in your handbag for touch ups on the go! No go show off your best face this summer!
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My recommendations for summertime lip and cheek formulas:
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By Ankita Chaturvedi, beauty blogger and author of Corallista.com, a one-stop destination for beauty reviews, looks and tutorials
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