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Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotions to Combat Winter Dryness

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Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotions to Combat Winter Dryness

With the chilly season – and winter beauty woes – fast approaching, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to stock up on heavy-duty body lotions to lock in ample moisture. Contrary to popular belief, seasonal transitions can have myriad effects on your skin and hair health. As you begin to feel the nip in the air, you’ll notice parched patches on the skin, coupled with redness, itchiness, flakiness, and overall irritation. Consider this your cue to bring out the moisturising lotions, creams, oils, and balms from the back of your boudoir.

The best way to keep dryness at bay is by slathering a generous layer of heavyweight lotion or moisturiser on all body surfaces. Look for formulations boasting ultra-hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, almond oil, glycerine, and ceramides. Scroll through to find our carefully curated list of body lotions that won’t break the bank – all under INR 1,000!


Rating: 4.4
Price: INR 349

Mamaearth’s nourishing cold cream contains turmeric, almond oil, sandalwood, and saffron that goes a step further, leaving you with not just super-hydrated but glowing skin. India's first Made Safe-certified cold cream with zero toxins, the formulation intensely nourishes your skin, fights free radical damage, and minimises the appearance of scars.


Rating: 4.3
Price: INR 210

Lend your skin the ultimate boost of hydration with Biotique’s Winter Cherry Rejuvenating Body Lotion, which features a soothing blend of winter cherry, sunflower seeds, and safflower oil. The harmonious amalgam of these moisturising ingredients improves the overall texture of your skin, reverses sun damage, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and scars, and accelerates skin cell turnover.


Rating: 4.5
Price: INR 399

If you possess sensitive skin, turn to this ultra-nourishing, hypoallergenic formulation boasting pure Australian tea tree oil, vitamin E, and French shea butter minus harmful chemicals. The body moisturiser penetrates deep into the multiple layers of your skin, replenishing moisture loss and offering respite from irritation, blemishes, and wrinkles. Super-smooth, supple skin is just one product away!

48-Hour Moisturisation

Rating: 4.6
Price: INR 875

Invest in Nivea’s winter body care duo, the Body Wash Creme Care and the Nourishing Lotion Body Milk, to instantly drive away flaking and severe dryness. The luxuriously rich formulation containing vitamin E and almond oil will coat your parched skin to diminish the appearance of dry patches, wrinkles, and redness.

Herbal Concoction

Rating: 4.4
Price: INR 155

A soothing blend of herbal extracts, including wheat germ, jojoba oil, and almond oil, Himalaya’s Winter Defense Moisturizing Cream will tend to dry skin even during the harshest winter months. The natural vitamin E will protect your skin from environmental damage, while jojoba and almond oil will restore your skin’s lost moisture.


Rating: 4.5
Price: INR 994

Cetaphil’s Winter Moisturizing Combo, enriched with almond oil and vitamin E, offers four-way moisturisation. It attracts and traps moisture in your skin, strengthens your skin’s protective barrier, and helps soothe and nourish the skin, too. Add this non-comedogenic, moisture-barrier replenishing formulation to your card before it sells out.

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