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Under Rs 500 Haircare Products That Nykaa Editors Are Buying During The Pink Friday Sale

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With every passing season, new hair concerns pop up, making it hard to style your hair the way you want. But if you think about it, a few smart decisions and healthy swaps are all you need to keep your biggest concerns at bay. For a smarter haircare routine, you need to think about three major factors all year round— a healthy scalp,  no split ends, and protection from  heat and sun damage.

Below, a comprehensive list of budget-friendly products that are designed to combat the most popular concerns when it comes to your hair and scalp. You’re welcome.

Healthy Scalp

If your scalp is happy, your hair will mirror its joy. Taking care of your scalp involves    keeping a tight check on sebum production, dandruff, and making sure you treat your scalp to hydrating and nourishing treatments. We suggest you invest in a few products that will clean, heal and soothe your scalp.

Nykaa Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar & Ginger Anti-Dandruff Paraben and Sulphate Free Hair Mask

If you have an itchy scalp and dandruff,apple cider vinegar and ginger should ideally be on the top of your list. This deeply hydrating mask will not only cleanse your scalp and combat dandruff, but also aid in nourishing your strands.

Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Vitalizing Serum For Falling Hair

Powered with benefits, this serum is a harmony of the extracts of mountain ebony, long pepper and euphorbia tree—specifically designed to improve the health of your scalp. The formula promotes hair growth by strengthening the roots, toning the scalp and preventing dryness or irritation.

MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp Scrub

It’s important to occasionally exfoliate your scalp.  Try the raw coffee scalp scrub for a complete cleansing and nourishing ritual. Coffee is a natural AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) that gently exfoliates and scrubs off dead skin from your scalp. It will remove dandruff  and stimulate your roots to boost hair growth as well.

Hydrated Strands

From top to tip, if your strands are nourished, it makes it easier for you to style your hair. Hydrated hair will be naturally bouncy and shiny, without split ends. You must consider using cleansing products that won't dry out your ends, moisturise your mane and prevent breakage.

Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Thailam Intensive Hair Treatment Oil

Bringadi oil is one of the most popular elixirs  for long, lustrous, glossy hair. This nourishing oil  infused with powerful herbs and oil extracts will not only enhance the health of your hair and scalp, but also delay greying.

Mamaearth Onion Shampoo For Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control

This gentle formula boasts hair-loving ingredients like vitamin E, plant keratin and onion oil. With regular use, the shampoo will leave your hair strong, smooth and frizz-free. The shampoo also contains 18 amino acids that pay extra attention to softening your hair.

Plum Ginseng Soft Boost Conditioner With Shea Butter And Olive Oil To Strengthen & Nourish Hair

Everything you need to know about this product is in its name. Shea butter and olive oil are a power duo that provide hair strengthening and nourishing capabilities.  While ginseng roots are known to cater to nourishing your roots, it also boosts hair growth and locks in moisture.

Sun And Heat Protection

It doesn’t matter how much you care for your hair if it gets damaged and dull due to heat, pollution, dirt and sun. Adding a shield that protects your hair from the tools you use and external factors when you step out is often extremely important to consider during your haircare rituals.

Nykaa Naturals Microfiber Hair Wrap

Treating damaged hair is a long, hard and boring process. Prevention is always better and the first step is to avoid drying out your hair with styling tools or even harsh towels. Invest in this microfiber hair wrap that absorbs water faster than your regular towels and is also gentle on your hair cuticles.

WOW Skin Science Aloe Vera Gel

A nourishing, softening and healing ingredient, haircare benefits of aloe vera are usually not talked about enough. This gel will leave your hair smooth, shiny and heal any damage caused by external factors. You can use it as an overnight mask too and rinse it the next morning.

LOreal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Oil

One of the most miraculous products available in the market for haircare and protection, this oil-in-serum will protect you against everything that could possibly be a threat to your hair. Infused with a blend of six  rare flower oils, the serum adds shine and nourishes thoroughly. It will also protect your hair from heat.

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