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Under The Scanner: Argan Oil Infused Lakmé Absolute Luxe Matte Lip Color

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Guess who’s back! Lakmé, with another mystifying range of absolute-ly delicious slim sticks. What’s so special about these, you ask? To begin with, these superstars are choc-a-bloc with the nourishment of Moroccan Argan Oil. No more returning home with a dry, chapped pout. Tick away the boxes for a super-matte finish, intense color payoff, and 18 jaw-dropping hues in that lip-service checklist too. We’ve dug deep into the bottomless box… your turn next. Oh and we have three shades that are exclusive with Nykaa! Now pick up that jaw and keep an eye out for the surprise.
A fantastic lipstick shade like this deserves a smart, self-explanatory name. Dying to swipe a red even though you’ve been practically sworn in as the ‘Mother of Pinks’? Enter Almost-Red (in all its glory).
A woman can never have too many shoes… and pinks. A tad less bold than Ms. Famous Fuchsia, this one’s sweet and sultry at the same time. Kissable lips, ooh-lala!
Another pretty purple to add to your already-overflowing box (#SorryNotSorry). Our mauve-ness is already hitting the roofs, now it’s time for you to go all swish-swish-swish.
We totally approve of the ‘grand’ part! A very wise woman once said, “Fuchsia fever never dies.” The most celebrated pinks of all, this lip tint doesn’t need an introduction.
As delicious as cocoa itself, this lipstick shade has taken fashion runways by storm. Offbeat and totally attention-worthy, this one’s for women who’ve done and dusted the pinks and reds of the lip world.
The name hints at a classic, understated hue and the stick doesn’t disappoint. Who’d not want to enter a room with cliché-yet-eternal rosy lips?
Broadly fitting into the family of neutrals, this one’s a lovechild between bold brown and playful purple. We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that a shade as extraordinary as this is exclusive to the range.
How would life be without the (royal) plums of the world? A slightly off-the-wall sister of the average plum, don’t blame us when you notice enviable glances coming your way.
EXCLUSIVE! Smack your lips with this unconventional pink and your pout will soon be the talk of the town. Halfway between pink and purple, leave people guessing your #SOTD with this mutely sexy hue.
Under The Scanner: Argan Oil Infused Lakm Absolute Luxe Matte Lip Color - 1
Calling out all the mauve mavens out there! One swish, drizzled with a pinch of confidence is all you need to pull of an #AshAtCannes look. Do we need a red carpet to shine? Nope!
EXCLUSIVE! Juicy berry lips at your service, madame! For the bold, experimental woman who doesn’t bow down to beauty norms, this not-so-common lippie is soon going to be the universal fave.
EXCLUSIVE! The safe-word for all women who somehow end up shying away from hot-bloc red, crimson is the date-night beaut. Get crimson-ishly pretty for the Mister and seal the deal with a kiss.
A ‘Pro-of-Pink’ won’t find (or need to find) a difference between the two crimsons. Well, if you’re on a binge-buying spree, two crimsons are better than one, right? Wink wink
The bang-on lipstick shade to take you from day to night, every lipstick kitty deserves this pink superstar. One swipe is enough to kiss away the fear of OTT. Pinky promise!
Time for some peachy prettiness. With a gorgeous summer-centric shade like this on our lips, beachy vacays and floral dresses are on our mind. Take a cue, ladies.
Drooling already, eh? Lakmé’s taken inspiration from the popular dessert and we, being a mix of the food fanatic and beauty aficionado, are screaming with joy. Binge on, sans the guilt and calories of course.
Probably the most iconic pink you’ve seen, there’s hardly any makeup look that this delectable shade won’t do justice to. Give it a chance and it’ll earn a spot in your tote.
Your lip collection is never complete without a marsala beaut as gorgeous as this. In our heads, sipping on a glass of burgundy wine and swiping this (high-on-lip) stick gives the same kinda kick.
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