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Understanding The World Of Barbie Core-6 Products From Nykaa To Help You Jump On The Trend Bandwagon

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barbiecore makeup

The most iconic doll born circa 1959, has stepped out of her plastic box and into Greta Gerwig’s whimsical, cinematic universe. Yes! For those living under a rock, the live-action movie ‘Barbie’—starring Margot Robbie in the titular role alongside Ryan Gosling (hiya Ken), is seeing a worldwide release on July 21st 2023. And we are counting down minutes, to the giant blowout party with all the Barbies, a planned choreography and a bespoke song. Sounds cool, right?

Over and above, this utopian reel world has struck a chord with us beauty enthusiasts – reviving the Barbie core aesthetic, perched on makeup recreations, tutorials and creative reimaginations. Ensuing an eruption of pink across the board—from strobes of magenta on lips galore to generous sprinkling of fuchsia on the lids to manicures with candy-floss-hued swirls, we cannot complain! Ahead, we dissect this trend which has been reigning supreme on social media, with #Barbiecore, the search term garnering a whopping 459 million views on TikTok.

So put on your rollerblades and get ready to skate through the 5 ways to transform into a Barbie girl, this season.

1. Pretty Pink Manicure

Dua Lipa Barbie Manicure

Nothing spells barbie core in a big, ostentatious font than a pretty pink manicure. Whether you like a dusting of glitter on the enamel or just a wash of bold colour, there is a rendition best suited to your personality. We have been deriving major nail inspiration from the OG cast of the colossal production– Dua Lipa, sporting the classic French with a swipe of pink on the nail bed. The infusion of contrasting hues stood out as the pop star walked the Red Carpet at Barbie’s World Premier.

Recreate Dua’s Manicure With

2. Pucker Up

Rihanna Barbie Core Makeup

If you want to serve Barbie, dare I say with minimal effort, we may have a solution in mind. All you need is a single swipe of pink on the lips—and you are ready to drive around in your convertible with Ken. For folks with a deep complexion, opt for pinks with undertones of brown and caramel to help you stand out. Alternatively, if you have a lighter skin tone, a flush of rosy pink or muted pink will help enhance your natural colouring. Learn from BadGalRiri on how to flaunt a pink pucker with sheer aplomb!

The universally flattering shade by M.A.C will help realise your Barbie Dreams

3. Intense Blush Action

Hailey Bieber Barbie core Makeup

Barbie is inarguably a maximalist queen, a trait that reflects in every aspect of her life. From her Malibu Dream House parties to her style and glam choices. Which is why- if you want to successfully wear the Barbiecore trend, a generous brushing of highly-pigmented blush on the apples of the cheek is something you ought to try! Ultra-feminine, playful and fun, this li’l makeup move captures the essence of Barbie. We have seen celebrities like Hailey Rhode Bieber stir up a ruckus on Instagram with a delightful selfie exuding Barbie energy. The entrepreneur sported a monochromatic glam look with rose-hued cheeks coupled with a pink pucker.

Recreate this look with

4. Hair Is Everything

Barbie Hair

Platinum blonde curls have been synonymous with the iconic doll for aeons —voluminous, immaculate and on point! . Margot Robbie, who has been out and about Hollywood for the press tour has been flaunting her waist-length, blonde waves. However, for the World Premier of the production, the actress debuted an updo, paying homage to a vintage Barbie. A high, gravity-defying ponytail with distinct and taut curls packed intense drama and ol' Hollywood glamour. Don’t miss the slightly coiled bangs, styled to perfection.

Get Barbie-sque tresses with

5. Let Your Eyes Do The Talkin’

Alia Bhatt Eye Makeup

A dusting of pink on the lids exudes peak Barbie energy— bringing out the natural shape and colour of your eyes, front and centre. Whether you want to knock yourself out with a boatload of shimmery pigments in flamingo pink or go for a subdued wash of periwinkle —the hue offers plenty of room for experimentation. Alia Bhatt’s rose gold moment is a masterstroke in quite grace which you can recreate with

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