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Unravelled: A Treasure Trove Called Tjori.

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We beauty editors, are always on the lookout for the next big breakthrough in beauty. On a usual day we’d try and test a range of products from plain Jane mascaras to sci-fi derma-rollers. But ever so often, duty unearths previously unknown beauty secrets (or ingredients) that blow our minds. Much like Tjori, the newest organic brand that caught our fancy. With 100% pure ingredients from mama nature’s bounty, here’s a list of our never-heard-before-sensations that are on their way to soon becoming cult-faves.
Lucky for us, it’s always coffee o’clock! Bag this aromatic concoction of soothing Aloe gel, hydrating Glycerine, and the star ingredient – Caffeine. Renowned in the beauty world for its antioxidant properties this potent gel literally takes years off your face. Massage on to freshly washed skin and leave on for a few minutes to notice visible differences - plumper skin, fewer age spots and wrinkles.
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If you’re looking for a natural way to go fuzz-free forever, then this rich mix of Himalayan Pink Salt packed with the rarest herbs is the way to go. Add it to a dash of Rosewater for normal skin, oodles of milk to tackle dryness, a dollop of yogurt for oiliness or simply freshly squeezed tomato juice to mask away pigmentation. Whatever your skin type, just scoop ‘n’ scrub your way to get glowing.   
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Some call Papaya the most hard-working fruit, and who are we to refute? Instead, we’re taking it a notch higher by calling it a multi-tasker like no other. This pulpy pack infused with real fruit, equipped with the enzymatic action of papain can challenge all woes. From banishing acne, reducing dullness, lightening blemishes, and even getting rid of sun-spots, this all-in-one wonder does it all.
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Hyperpigmentation getting you down? Or those unsightly marks left behind by teenage acne attacks? Or worse still, uneven patches get you worrisome even now? Well, if you’ve nodded yes, to any of the above, you’re in luck. Here’s the best herbal-alternative to balance out melanin production: powerful potato. Sprinkle rosewater to this fine powder to make a pack and let it work its magic.
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In not news, we’re all loco for coco. But why limit the benefits of our calming ‘champi’ to once a week? If the idea of including Coconut a lot more in your hair ritual enthuses you, you’ll love this Coconut milk shampoo. Call it a cocktail for your scalp, ‘coz this nourishing ’poo thoroughly cleanses from root to tip, leaving your strands scented with the rich aroma of delectable Coconut milk. Yum!
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Last but hardy the least is this ‘glowing’ gem. Infused with the goodness of healing Turmeric and game-changing Papaya this is your one-stop-shop to get your glow on. Don’t trust us? You will, in a minute. Full of antioxidants this nourishing face pack will leave your skin soft, smooth, and supple. First add Rosewater, apply, and let dry. Next, gently remove residue to reveal your most lit face yet.
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