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Unstereotype Beauty This Women's Day With Kay Beauty

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Relatable and relative: we are no longer chasing archetypes of beauty. You know, the ones that confine it to a box which has been untouched and dormant for aeons? Sculpting our beauty journey that focuses on personalisation and consistent-conscious efforts is our new, improved motto. Beauty is not a ‘one size fits all formula’, (not even in the slightest) and we are striving to channel this notion every day. Trailblazing this endeavour, as a community, of further enhancing and expanding the spectrum to include more shapes, colours and textures is Kay Beauty. The beauty brand has championed the cause of inclusivity and accessibility in this industry — confronting linear (conventional) beauty standards (we are here for it!).

With its infallible formulations and unique brand ethos, the coveted brand helmed by multi-hyphenate Katrina Kaif has encouraged its spectrum of audiences (generation of men, women and non-binary) to flaunt their “flaws” with aplomb. Rendering a stage to embrace our true-blue selves for the world to see, with makeup as an agency of empowerment and not a means for rectification. Reiterating this commitment to making beauty ungendered, fluid and freeing, the brand has brought forth inspiring stories of visionaries from different walks of life in the light of Women’s Day. The campaign of #UnstereotypeWithKay has struck a chord with the Nykaa Army, prompting us to share our stories, too! So without any further ado, hear more from these phenomenal women on challenging stereotypes, overcoming limitations and flaunting their raw- real selves. Here’s to shedding inhibitions because #ItsOkayToBeYou!

Apoorva Srivastava

Stereotype: You're not beautiful if you don't have flawless skin

“Real skin is constantly changing and although there are days when my skin looks and feels great, there are several other days where it's faraway from "flawless". It took me years to accept my freckles, bumps and dark circles. On the days I don't feel confident, I'm glad I have the Kay Beauty HD Colour Corrector to help me put my best food forward!”

Richa Popat

“"For anyone who's dealt with dark circles, I'm sure you've heard people tell you to steer clear of kajals or eye pencils. For the longest time, I did too until I found this beautiful Kay Beauty Gel Eye Pencil that accentuates my eyes so beautifully, and the best part? It doesn't budge! So no more worrying about having panda eyes."

Rebecca Abraham

“ I happen to have a heavy lower lip and I hated it because as many said, it was the first thing they noticed about me. It made me insecure, but overtime I have grown to embrace it. The kay beauty cream lipstick has helped me enhance my confidence and I am in love with my lips.”

Anvita Mittal

“Anyone with sensitive skin knows the struggles with redness. Even when you think you've miraculously gotten rid of your flushed skin for a night, you wake up the next morning and there it is again, glaring back at you. And this definitely doesn't help when you're a blush lover, but I've found my balance with the Kay beauty blushes that are super natural looking and skin like.”

Tanisha Bhasin

“For me, makeup has truly become a tool for self-expression – the best ice breaker and sometimes even a wingman. Growing up shy, chubby, and extremely reserved, it was hard for me to open up around new people. Constantly worried about saying something “stupid”, I was comfortable with blending in the background as ‘the quiet one’. I was introduced to my first client at my first job, a big cosmetic company. Call it research or just plain curiosity, I was trying a new almost lipstick or eyeliner every day, getting more and more bolder about my colour choices.

With time, I realised it made me feel different. I stopped caring about what people thought of me, or if they hated my navy-blue lipstick. It was my choice and I loved it. What started as just a random swatch, helped shape my whole personality. Clearly navy blue has stuck with me, with the Kay Beauty Gel Liner in shade Blue being my absolute favourite!”

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