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Vacationing At Home With The Nykaa Wanderlust Sea Salt Collection

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If you say, ‘sea salt’, our first instinct is to either think about salted caramel baked goods or a dreamy location, somewhere near a beach. In fact, while we write this article and breeze through 2020 cooped up in our homes, we cannot help but daydream about a vacation near the sea. What we wouldn’t give to pack our suitcases and head off to some Mediterranean country and drink cocktails by the beach. But anyway, just because you won’t be doing that for a loooong time, it doesn’t mean that the beach cannot come to you. Say ‘Hello!’ to the Nykaa Wanderlust Sea Salt Bath & Body collection!

The hot new collection has two products that we’re in complete awe of. It’s loaded with sea salt to garner the same amount of nourishment that a dip in the ocean would give you. Heck, it even smells like a beach vacation. What else do you need? The new collection comes with a shower gel and a body lotion, and while it is still small and limited, you can definitely expect Nykaa to drop a lot more sea salt-infused goodies in the future. So, without any further delay, let us get to know the products a little better.

1. Nykaa Wanderlust Salt Shower Gel

At a price point of INR 350, you will be taking a dip into the ocean without burning a cruise ship-sized hole in your pocket. The shower gel smells and lathers like a dream. But just because it lathers well and contains sea salt, does not mean that it will not care for your skin. Precisely why they’ve blended it with aloe vera. That’s how this gentle cleanser purifies your skin. It doesn’t just draw out impurities but also deeply nourishes your skin. The result is soft, supple, but squeaky-clean skin. Its mild fresh scent lingers on longer than you’d expect.

2. Nykaa Wanderlust Sea Salt Body Lotion

Did you know that sea salt does not just cleanse your skin, but also nourishes it? Say ‘no’ to post-moisturizing greasiness, because the Nykaa wanderlust Sea Salt Body Lotion is super light on the skin. Aside from sea salt, it’s also enriched with lotus and watermelon seed extracts which protects the skin from any pollutant-caused damage and helps retain its moisture levels. Like the shower gel, the lotion also has a sweet, but not overwhelming aqua scent that lingers and uplifts the mood. You are basically getting a beach vacation in a bottle for just INR 450.

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