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Valentine date night ideas to spice things up

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The festive season may be over but with Valentine’s Day round the corner it’s time to deck up once again for your special date. No matter what your relationship status, it doesn’t mean you can’t show your spirit in this season of love. Starting with a cutesy heart shaped hairstyle and ending with a step-by-step DIY Valentine-themed manicure, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started!
Stay buh-bye to your regular ponytail and braids with this cute heart-shaped bun this Valentine’s. It's easy to do and takes hardly five minutes to create this heart shaped bun. You’ll make a million heads turn, promise!
Step 1: Apply a leave in conditioner to make your hair frizz-free. My current favourite is BBLUNT High Definition Curl, Curl Defining Leave-In Cream. Grab all your hair in a ponytail and secure it tightly with an elastic band.
Step 2: Start braiding a fish tail braid tightly till the very end and secure with an elastic band.
Step 3: Loosen up only the top portion of the braid so that it looks more voluminous and thicker at the top. Let the remaining braid be in a tight braid. This will give a broad look at top tapering towards the bottom.
Step 4: Pin the left and right sides on the top portion of the braid on the crown area using Bobby pins. This will flatten up the braid to form the top portion of your heart bun.
Step 5: Grab the bottom of the braid and roll it inwards bringing it on the top and pinning it on the back side of the braid as shown with bobby pins. Secure any stray hair with pins.
Why shouldn’t your nails speak about your feelings this Valentine? Sport some love on one or two or all ten pinkies at a fancy dinner date, picnic or even night out with your girlfriends!
I have used the following nail polish for creating the nail art designs below:
Design 1: On my little finger I have made the simplest design representing hugs and kisses! Apply a deep wine red nail polish as base. With a large dotting tool make two big dots at a distance with white nail paint as shown. Now apply two small dots in the middle with same red shade to form the letter 'O'. With a tooth pick or thin brush put two 'X' shape before and in between the 'O' shape. Seal with top coat once dry.
Design 2: This one is my favourite. Apply a bright red nail polish as base colour. With a toothpick or thin brush make a small 'v' shape. Extend the top of the 'v' shape on both sides as shown. Thicken the bottom edge to form the upper lip. Make a curved smile shape to form the bottom lip. Make as many pouts as you like. Seal with a top coat. Muaah! 
Design 3: This is a very edgy style that is more appropriate for a date night or clubbing. I have started with an opaque black nail polish and a red glitter paint on top. Using a thin brush or toothpick scribble the fancy word 'love' diagonally and seal with a top coat.
Design 4: On the pointer finger I have done a cute heart flower bloom design. Start by applying an opaque white nail polish. Paint random hearts of pink and red with a toothpick or thin eyeliner brush. Make flower stems using green polish. Finish of this cute style with a clear top coat.
Design 5: Finally, on the thumb nail I have created something blingy with pink and red. Apply red polish as the base. Draw a rose pink heart shape with a toothpick and fill it in. Apply a top coat and before it dries border the heart with small silver and red beads as shown. Finally seal it with a top coat.
Comment below on which one is your favorite Valentine nail art design! Now go spread some love!
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