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Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas That Got Us Swooning

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No way are we stepping into ‘THE’ biggest day of love with shabby, unkempt nails. Like what’s the point of spending a ridiculous number of hours nit-picking your D-day outfit only for bae to recoil in horror as he reaches for your hands thanks to a ragged, grown-out manicure.
Now we get it if the sight of those lovey-dovey, OTT nail art ideas make you cringe. We’ve summed up five super-cute ways to dress up those nails for your valentine. Chuck pricey appointments at the salon; all you need to master these is your prized polish collection, your Holy Grail nail art tool kit, and lots of love.

Here’s a list of 9 best hair accessories, perfect for a date night:

Bling Babe

Not an experimental type? Would totally swear by classic gel nails on a night as important as this? Ahaa, we’ve got just the right amount of safe-yet-sexy for you. Start with two plush coats of the Nykaa Salon Shine Gel Nail Lacquer - Sangria In Spain. Now how ’bout glitter-dipped tips for that extra oomph? Give a twist to the usual Frenchie with the Nykaa Star Studded Glitter Coat Nail Enamel - Silver Snow and shine away like there’s no tomorrow.

I Heart You

Dropping subtle hints for Mr. Significant but got no luck yet? Time for Plan-B! Let a hand full of nails, painted with vibrant, look-at-me hearts, be your love messenger. Set the base with two generous coats of the O.P.I Nail Lacquer - Sweet Heart. Now mix Red My Fortune Cookie and ElePhantastic Pink from the same range on a palette. Using a clean sponge and a heart stencil, stamp a cutesy ombre heart on your nail (and his life). *wink wink*

Stick It On

If red’s not your thing, congratulations ‘cause you (and your nails) will stand out for sure. Plus, with the assortment of quirky nail art pasties that are now available, the battle is half won, darling. Alternate between the Nykaa Nail Enamel Polish - Black Licorice and the Nykaa Nail Enamel Polish - Caramel Macchiato for the base colors. Next up, you gotta dig out those long-lost nail accessories. Pick out a few of your fave stick-ons, preferably the heartsy ones, and have a fun time.

A Part Of My Heart

How ’bout decking up those nails with the timeless combination of white and red? Brownie points for those strategically placed heart (okay, half-hearts). Here’s what the recipe for lovestruck claws says. The star ingredient is the Faces Splash Nail Enamel. For the correct contrast, paint your nails a pure white with White O White. Next up, precisely place your heart-shaped stencil halfway across the nail and fill out a bright, beating red heart with Royal Ruby. Your piece of art is date-ready.

Ombre Obsession

If you’re someone who despises PDA as much as I do, I’ve saved a super-classy and non-cheesy nail art idea, just for the both of us. Break up with an overload of hearts and take on a more understated approach to profess your love, even while getting an A+ in glamour, thanks to the Colorbar Luxe Nail Lacquer. First up, layer your cuticles with glue to avoid the mess of the biz. Now begin with Black Maze at the base of your nail bed, move on to All Fired Up, and finish off with Red Enigma at the tips. Tastefully done, red haute nails, comin’ right up!
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