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Vanity-Kit Essentials By Deborah

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The Italian cosmetic pioneer Deborah is synonymous with affordable beauty. Rightly so! We recently tried out some of the brand’s newest launches, from kajals and eyeliners to lip colors, and the experience was delightfully therapeutic.
Back To Basics
Can eye makeup ever be that basic? Not really! Since most makeup-toddlers begin by perfecting their eye makeup, Deborah’s eye range ensures that the baby steps are headed in the right direction.
  • Two weapons to help yourself when God hasn’t blessed you with enough, the Deborah 24 Ore Eyebrow Pencil and the Deborah Eyebrow Perfect Kit
  • There are kohl pencils and then there’s this! The Deborah Kajal Pencil and its rich, creamy, long-lasting formula is truly a Godsend.
  • Two’s better than one! Hold that true in the case of Deborah 2 In -1 Gel Kajal & Eyeliner. Who wouldn’t want to own such a multifunctional, strategically-designed stick? One lesser thing to carry in that handbag!
  •  The DIY smoky eye trick got so much easier, thanks to this stunning Deborah Perfect Smokey Eye Palette. Replete with all the shimmery shades that can literally transform you into a flaming smoke storm, Natural Minerals help the texture glide smoothly and Polymers deliver the perfect matte effect!
  • Though the world now has the likes of curling, volumizing, and colored mascaras, transparent lash enhancers can never go out of style. On that note, the Deborah Transparent Love My Lashes Mascara beautify and hydrate your fluttery beauties at the same time!
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Black? So Passe!
Black eyeliners are good for classic eye drama. But on days when you’re running late and need an instant pop of color to your drab face, run to the Deborah 24 Ore Color Mat Eyeliner for help. The four shades – Cornflower, Icy Teal, Lovely Lavender, and Marshmallow Mocha – are currently having their moment in the sun. Add to that features like water-proof, transfer-proof, and a felt-tip for a crisp finish, and we’ve got our very own magic-24Ore-wand!
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Lip Superstars
An alluring matte-satin finish along with the goodness of Papaya and Orchid Extracts for moisturizing purposes – that’s the Deborah Milano Red Long Lasting Lipstick for you. With a novel 2-in-1 lipstick + primer formula, these bullets bring happiness for 8 hours straight, thanks to the combination of Synthetic Waxes and Esters. To top it all, they are paraben-free, intensely pigmented, and available in 12 jaw-dropping hues!
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