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Wake Up To The Wonders Of Caffeine Beauty Products

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If you thought this piece is about the magical powers of yourmorning cup of green coffee or daily Americano, you’re wrong. But did you know all that coffee has the power to give you the smoothest, clearest complexion of your life?
A powerful stimulant, caffeine has a host of beauty benefits making it the perfect formula for your body and face. Why? Caffeine can drain excess fluid from tissues so if you apply to bumpy, puffy areas, skin gets an instant lift. Plus, it contains powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals to reduce inflammation, giving you soft, glowy skin.

Now here’s our selection of the best caffeine infused beauty products to supercharge your skincare routine.

benefits of coffee for skin – Caffeine Beauty Products - MCaffeine

1. MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Face Wash

The Neem, Caffeine and Argan Oil-Vitamin E infused formula protects and nourishes skin. It heals pimples and bacterial skin problems, hyper-pigmentation and open pores. The Paraben-free formula soothes and refreshes skin.

2. Garnier Skin Natural White Complete Eye Roll On

Wage a war against puffiness and dark circles with this nifty eye roll-on. This clever formula combines caffeine and the draining effect of a massage to reduce puffiness, decongest tired eyes and brighten the eye contour. The quickest way to brighten skin and boost radiance.
benefits of coffee for skin – Caffeine Beauty Products - Garnier
benefits of coffee for skin – Caffeine Beauty Products - Tjori

3. Tjori Anti Aging Coffee Gel

Fight the signs of aging with the Tjori Anti Aging Coffee Gel. The antioxidants rich Coffee prevents premature ageing and fights wrinkles and fine lines. Crafted with Glycine and Aloe juice, this face gel can reduce age spots and rejuvenate dehydrated skin. Best part? This miracle gel can contribute to achieving firm and toned skin.

4. Juicy Chemistry Hazelnut, Coffee & chocoalate-Organic Hydrating Face Scrub

Formulated especially for dry skin, this heavy-duty mask and scrub brings together the classic combination of Coffee and Cocoa with a hint of Sweet Orange. It's powered with rich antioxidant properties that help heal damaged skin and other stubborn skin ailments. It also helps renew and promote healthy cell development.
benefits of coffee for skin – Caffeine Beauty Products – Juicy Chemistry
benefits of coffee for skin – Caffeine Beauty Products - Sukin

5. Sukin Energising Coffee & Coconut Body Scrub

This unique body scrub is a great combination of skin friendly ingredients—ground Coffee beans, pure Coconut oil and pure Sesame oil—that soothe skin, enhance fat metabolism and removes under-the-skin-surface fat deposits. Over time, cellulite and stretch marks fade and skin appears smoother.

6. Sacred Salts Coffee Charcoal Gentle Purifying Handmade Castile Soap

Sacred Salts brings to you this unique soap that will purify your skin. With the power of activated Charcoal and organic Coffee, this handmade bath bar promises to deep cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin from within. The naturally occurring antioxidants in Coffee wash away toxins while the activated charcoal sucks out dirt and debris from your pores. 
benefits of coffee for skin – Caffeine Beauty Products – Sacred Salts
benefits of coffee for skin – Caffeine Beauty Products – The Body Shop

7. The Body Shop Spa of the World™ Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream

This firming body cream is enriched with organic Ethiopian Green Coffee and makes skin firmer and smoother. This silky soft cream, enriched with caffeine effortlessly melts into the skin when massaged. More than 85% of women who used it over four weeks agreed that their skin looked and felt firmer.

8. Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash

This efficient, energizing facial cleanser thoroughly removes dirt, surface oil and impurities without an over-drying effect. Formulated with Caffeine, Menthol and Vitamin E, the unique blend refreshes skin, preparing it for a less irritating, more comfortable shave.
benefits of coffee for skin – Caffeine Beauty Products – Kiehl’s
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