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Walk the Bridal Trend-Talk with Ojas Rajani!

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Makeup maverick, beauty guru and Bride-whisperer Ojas Rajaniis back to making us have our fill of all things trending this upcoming Bridal season! Scroll down to find out more:
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Tell us about the latest bridal trends creating waves in the Wedding World!
This Wedding season, bright Scarlet lips are definitely going to take a back-seat. All my brides want to radiate soft, feminine vibes through their makeup, just like Katrina Kaif, who always sports neutral, dainty colours on the lips. Soft lips are definitely going to rule the roost this season. Brides want to go ALL OUT with their eyes, I mean obviously real beauty lies only in the eyes. Sparkly, dramatic, all kinds of smoky eyes are definitely going to rule the roost. With the kind of eyeshadows available in the market today, a Bride can also make do without a Makeup artist constantly at her beck and call!
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Enlighten us about the hair trends creating a stir this season
Ladies, time has come to get completely over poker straight, boring hair. Highlights are most definitely coming back with a big, booming bang! Girls agree to readily experiment with beautiful hair colours, namely Hazel Blonde, Shimmer reflects and Golden highlights. Thank God for these hair colours, ’cos to be really honest, I am totally DONE with Chocolate, Caramel tones that people are so fond of!
Hair extensions are also something everybody from the Bride to the mom-in-law wants to sport. Big, paddle-brush created waves or curls are very much in style and in my opinion, big, glamorous hair will ALWAYS make you look like a total Diva on your big day!
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Suggest some go-to makeup looks for the friends of the Bride!
I think, EVERYBODY at a wedding wants to look glam and fab. They all want to look equally important, sometimes even more so than the Bride! As I said earlier, big, bold ultra-glam eyes should be definitely on the list. Often at weddings, due to late night partying, your eyes tend to look very tired and groggy. So it is very, very important to get your eye makeup on point. A fresh lip colour and strong, glam eyes should be every bride bestie’s mantra!
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What are the pre-Wedding beauty Dos that a Bride must follow?
I always make it a point to meet my brides months in advance and make sure that they visit a Dermatologist for skincare regimes to follow. Skin polishing is a MUST. It actually makes it completely fine to put as less makeup as possible. The under eye areas should also be particularly taken care about. PCOD these days is rampant amongst young girls and because of that, there is aggravated hair growth, bloating, etc. It is always better to get these PCOD levels checked right before you get married.
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Name one makeup product a bride should NEVER put on her face.
I think Lip Gloss and Glitter are an absolute NO! They tend to make you look completely OTT. Always, always opt for a Shimmer eyeshadow. This will definitely help you in not crossing over that very thin line between looking like a glam diva and a burnt-out superstar!
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Spill one celeb beauty secret for the Blushing Bride!
Please, please do not forget to rub a lot of ice-cubes and beetroots all over your face and then just wait for magic to show!
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