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Wallet-Friendly Lipsticks (Priced Under ₹500) That Are Perfect For The Rainy Months

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Do you ever wake up to take a meaningful look at yourself in the mirror? What do you see? Let me know if this seems vaguely familiar - shoulders slightly slumped due to firm work deadlines, furrowed brows as you remember the pile of dishes sitting in the sink from last night, and a cloud of dejectedness looming over your head. But does that ever deter you from putting your best foot forward? Never. You probably rummage through your beauty box, retrieve a gorgeous shade of red lipstick and are ready to take on the day (power through!).

Isn’t it amusing how a stick of colour has the incredible ability to transform, empower and energise an individual? Just the varying hues of colours lined up neatly on your vanity is almost therapeutic (at least for me it is). Makeup at large has given people the liberty to expand horizons of self-expression through creative indulgences, and lipsticks, especially red lipsticks have always been the epicentre of this metamorphosis for centuries. From a symbol of opposition to a depiction of state of mind, the perception around lipsticks has been shaped by waves of feminism.

Coming back to reality, yes, I love a little pop of colour on my lips on any given day—while running errands to closing presentations, a little pick-me-up on a swamped mid-week and most definitely on a night out with my girls. However, as monsoons are upon us it is imperative to stock up on some water-resistant lipsticks that look exceptional and are smudge-proof. To make things easier, team Nykaa has tried and tested a bunch of lipsticks and lip stains to help you navigate the season with what suits you best.

Nykaa All Day Matte Waterproof, Transfer Proof, Mask Proof, 12H Liquid Lipstick


As offices open their doors to welcome employees back, finding a lipstick that gets you through the day with just one stroke is crucial. The Nykaa All Day Matte Waterproof, Transfer Proof, Mask Proof, 12H Liquid Lipstick is what you need for mastering the 9-5 effortless beauty look. The Gran Fan-Mauve is my go-to shade for the perfect matte finish, especially on Mondays.

Miss Claire Waterproof Perfection Lip Color + Lip Gloss


I honestly can't get enough of this steal deal from Miss Claire. The Miss Claire Waterproof Perfection Lip Color + Lip Gloss bestows one with the perfect, water-resistant formula that will not bleed on a rainy day. The liquid formula is highly pigmented and long-lasting. So, no more touch-ups after a long night of cocktails and dinner.

Disguise Cosmetics Ultra-Comfortable Satin Matte Lipstick


A lightweight, satin finish lipstick, this offering by The Disguise Cosmetics is packed with the benefits of organic marula, avocado, argan and jojoba oils. This wonder lipstick is also made with shea butter, vitamin E and natural oils that feels comfortable on the lips. It’s also vegan, paraben-free and free from toxins.

Swiss Beauty Bold Matt Lip Liner


Attention fellow millennials, the visibly lined ombre lip trend is making a huge comeback. All you have to do is outline your lips using a dark shade of lip liner to enhance the shape of your lips, and fill it in with a gloss that’s of a lighter shade than your liner. This Swiss Beauty Bold Matt Lip Liner - 4 Fruit Punch will help achieve just that.They are highly pigmented and feature 12 inclusive shades.

ZM Zayn & Myza My Hue pH Lip Tint


If you are looking for just a tinge of colour on your lips this monsoon then the ZM Zayn & Myza My Hue Lip tint is a unique formulation tailored especially for you. Backed by innovation this tint fuses with the pH of your lips to yield a one-of-a-kind colouring. The lightweight, transfer-proof quality of the tint is what makes it exemplary for rainy wear. Moreover, the goodness of argan oil and vitamin E aid in keeping your lips moisturised and healthy.

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