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Walnuts: The #1 Food For Happy Skin And Hair

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There are a few things that EVERY skin expert and nutritionist agree on. The one ingredient that guarantees glowing skin, healthy hair and strong nails. You know what that is?  Essential Omega-3 fatty acids. And since our bodies can’t synthesise it, the best source to get it from? Wild Salmon, Flaxseeds and Walnuts.
So, what’s so miraculous about Omega 3 fatty acids? It’s an integral part of our skin’s lipid membrane, and an absence makes skin permeable and weak, prone to wrinkles.  Omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory (especially against UV radiation) and fabulous skin soothers for common skin problems such as psoriasis, acne and atopic dermatitis. In fact, an Omega-3 deficiency is often linked to dry, itchy skin woes. Now onto its hair benefits. Omega-3 smoothens dry, brittle hair, seals split ends and alleviates symptoms such as dandruff.  Even better, Omega-3 concentrations are highest in the brain and nervous system, and even help combat depression. Here’s to a brainier, more beautiful you!
Now onto the walnut infused beauty buys to get your skin and hair fix of Omega 3.

Forest Essentials Revitalising Kashmiri Walnut Gel Scrub

An exfoliating scrub with finely milled Walnuts in a pure Aloe Vera and vitamin A and E packed gel base. While the Aloe Vera and Vitamins stimulate cell regeneration, the oil rich Walnut has a deep cleansing action which brightens the complexion by gently removing dead cells and impurities. 
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Biotique Bio Walnut Purifying & Polishing Scrub

This skin brightening blend of pure Walnut oil, and Neem, Mint, Fenugreek and red Sandalwood extracts purifies and polishes to sweep away dry lines and make skin soft smooth, soft and spotlessly refreshed. Organic and preservative-free, the scrub is dermatologist tested for all skin types.  
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Abeers Khadi Walnut Shampoo For Dry Hair

A Godsend formula for dry, dull and brittle hair. Infused with soothing and hydrating Omega 3, Keratine and Pro Vitamin B to breathe life into stressed strands. Another plus, it boosts strand volume and conditions strands. 
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SOVA Kashmiri Walnut & Violet Flower Anti Frizz Hair Serum For All Hair

Fresh Walnuts from Kashmir meet delicate Violet flowers to create an anti-frizz serum that soothes frizzy hair for a silky, smooth finish. Take a few drops in your palms and apply through mid-lengths to ends of towel dried hair. Recommended for dry and damaged hair. Added bonus: protects against pollution and UV rays.
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Global Beauty Secrets Aztec Chocolate & Walnut Soap

Cocoa meets walnuts to create a heavenly product good enough to eat. This antioxidant-rich Chocolate and Walnut Soap nourishes skin, protects it from UV damage, and boosts glow. The Walnut kernels gently exfoliates skin, while the Chocolate maintains its moisture balance.
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