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Want a flawless complexion? Acids are the answer

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Best Acids For Skin

Glowy, fresh and baby-soft skin? Sign us up. We’re here to reveal the power players a.k.a exfoliating acids that tackle just about anything that dims your megawatt complexion—you can thank us later. From Salicylic Acid to Lactic Acid, we’ve got everything covered.

First things first… Realise that almost all acids act as exfoliators, but they’re NOT all the same—AHAs can be used by all skin types, BHAs are better catered for people with problematic skin and the latest kid on the skincare block, PHAs work best for sensitive skin. But how do they work? In two ways; by shredding dead surface cells or by penetrating into the pores to clear breakouts. So either way, you’ve got short term and long term gains in the sweep of a cotton pad.

But what exactly is the difference between AHAs, BHAs and PHAs? Read away.

  • AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids)

Best for: Dry, redness-prone and aging skin So, there are lots of different types of AHAs out there, but the most popular ones on the block are Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid.

How it works: AHAs nibble away at dead skin cells to reveal a bright, smooth and radiant complexion. It blurs out red marks left behind by acne, spots caused by the sun and even pesky patches of pigmentation—that’s just the tip of the iceberg. AHAs are water soluble, making them perfect for drawing in moisture and keeping your skin hydrated, all the while exfoliating the outermost layer of your epidermis. Use an AHA two or three times a week as part of your skincare routine.

Acids in Skincare- Glycolic Acid For Skin

1. Dr. Sheth’s Gulab and Glycolic Toner

This toner offers a power-packed shot of exfoliating Glycolic Acid  for skin and is gently balanced with skin-soothing ingredients like Rose Water, Calendula and Aloe to keep your skin calm, clear and spot-free. Just wash your face at night with a gentle cleanser, then apply this toner with a cotton pad, then follow up with your favorite serum and moisturizer. It couldn't be simpler.

2. Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser

If dullness is your #1 skin concern, then you cannot go past this guy from Dermalogica. Designed to be used daily, this dual-action creamy exfoliating cleanser gets to work on your dull surface debris, and leaves you fresh-faced in the matter of minutes. The Lactic Acid and Vitamin E mix make for a powerful-yet-gentle exfoliating duo.

Acids in Skincare- Lactic Acid For Skin
  • BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids)

Best for: Acne-prone and oily skin Salicylic Acid makes up the one-man army of Beta Hydroxy Acids.

How it works: There’s nothing like Salicylic Acid to rumble spots, right? This lone ranger goes places where AHAs cannot; it travels into pores instead of operating only at surface level. It penetrates the pore lining and dissolves the dead skin cells & sebum mixture that lead to those angry spots. And, its ability to deep clean sebum and clogged pores without manual exfoliation, makes it ideal for those acne-prone peeps.

Acids in Skincare- Salicylic Acid For Face

1. Dot & Key Zit Zapping Skin Clarifying Face Serum

This oil-free clarifying serum is packed with Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Neem and clary Sage Oil, which together help in the fight against the bacteria on your skin and in your pores. It's non-drying and helps balance excess oil, minimize redness, and banish blemishes. Bonus: it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

2. OFRA Drying Lotion - Original

Technically an all-over breakout treatment, this formula also works on one-off spots. It’s formulated with Salicylic Acid to fight acne-causing bacteria, Calamine to reduce redness and Camphor to reduce inflammation. Can it get any better? Word of advice: Because of its pink hue and pasty texture, it’s better suited as a nighttime treatment than a quick, daytime fix.

Best Acids For Skin- Salicylic Acid For Face
  • PHA (Poly Hydroxy Acids)

Best for: Sensitive skin

How it works: The molecules that make up PHAs are much larger in size than the conventional AHAs and BHAs, which means they whisk away dead cells on the surface without disturbing the delicate layers underneath. So if you are on the sensitive side, or suffer from rosacea or eczema, this acid is your go-to guy.

But, don’t be fooled! If you’re assuming that their “super gentle approach” won’t benefit skin concerns like pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dark spots, you couldn’t be more wrong. PHAs prompt your body to renew skin cells and trigger cellular regeneration while simultaneously, shedding dark skin cells to reveal a glowy- and bright complexion- and boy, does it deliver.

So… besides putting dull and lacklustre skin to bed, PHAs act as humectants as they attract water molecules which in turn help to retain skin’s moisture levels. It doesn’t stop there, these antioxidant-rich acids are also praised for their anti-aging powers—they encourage epidermal growth, which means your skin will be plumper and less wrinkly with religious use. What’s more? Most acids cause your beloved skin to become more sensitive to the sun. PHAs don’t. 100% accurate information.

So, can everyone use PHAs in their routine?

The answer is a loud YES! Why, you ask? Because PHAs are reparative ingredients which makes it perfect for sensitive skin, and even skin care neophytes. Plus, they’re safe to use 365 days of the year.

Tip: If you use acids in your routine, it’s imperative that you always use an SPF the morning after—acids exfoliate and boost cell turnover, but they can also thin the top layer of skin, so protection from the sun is a no-brainer.

So whether you want to stick with the regulars in your routine, or want to try a new found fix, there are countless ways to get you glowing on tap

Best Acids For Skin- Lactic & Salicylic Acid For Skin

1. Glamglow Supertoner

This super toner lives up to its name; boasting a range of acids including Lactic, Mandelic and Salicylic. It works to clarify the skin, tackle dullness, bust blemishes and hasten cell turnover. Plus, the Activated Charcoal detoxifies skin and helps refine your skin texture. So whenever your skin needs some sprucing up, this is sure to give it a boost.

2. Glossier Solution

The next time you take a trip, this baby ought to be on your ‘must-buy’ list. Especially if you’re struggling with with redness, uneven skin tone and spots. This ‘ exfoliating skin perfector’ clears up acne-causing bacteria, sloughs away dead cells, reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and leaves you with a transformed complexion, in all of four weeks. All thanks to its 10% blend of AHAs, BHAs and PHAs. Moreover, it’s also cruelty-free, dermat-approved and completely vegan.

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