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You never miss a gym sesh, keep up with the latest in fashion and are always ready to try a new makeup fad. Great. But did you know, eating the right foods can take your sex appeal up several notches? They’re not called beauty foods for nothing.
This Protein and Calcium packed powerhouse fills you up, strengthens your bones, gets rid of dark circles and tastes delish. Contains a mighty dollop of Amino Acids that makes it the perfect skin pleasing morning snack if it’s going to be a late night. Dark circles…what’s that?
Do you get tanned the minute you step outdoors? Carrots to the rescue! These crunchy reds are packed with Carotenoids that reduce your skin’s sensitivity to UV rays. Pumpkin also contain a heft wallop of Carotenoids. Your best bet for a gorgeous glow inside out.
This beauty nut is not just a healthy snack, it’s also a great source of Vitamin E, the skin-beautifying antioxidant that gives skin smoothness and suppleness. Research suggests that Vitamin E also fight signs of aging by protecting skin from UV rays and moisturizing skin from within.
Beans and Legumes
Think rajma, chana and dal. Legumes and beans are packed with Biotin, Iron, Zinc and Protein to give you longer, stronger, shinier hair and nails. Brittle nails, split ends the bane of your life? You’re probably biotin deficient. Throw on a handful of boiled beans on a salad or toss with olive oil for an afternoon snack.
Nariyal pani is like liquid gold for your skin thanks to its Copper content. Plus, the juicy white flesh has healthy fats that balance your hormones, keeping your thyroid purring along. As you know, a balanced thyroid means healthy skin, hair, nails and an efficient metabolism. So, add some freshly grated coconut to your snacks and even cooked veggies.
The beauty power of pure aqua is highly underrated. When you’re hydrated your metabolism functions at peak capacity, you stay trim and toned, with clear skin and bright eyed. Aim for a minimum of eight glasses daily, more if you’re working out. 
Red Bell Peppers
These super pretty veggies are superfoods for your skin, with off the chart antioxidant levels and Vitamin C levels. A recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who ate Red Bell Peppers had the best skin. Eat in a salad or dip into a bowl of hummus for a power packed beauty snack.
Want tighter, firmer, clear skin? Gorge on pineapples. This wonder fruit is packed with Vitamin C and anti-inflammatory Bromelain. It improves digestion, reduces inflammation, and removing toxins from the body, besides speeding up the production of collagen.
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