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Want To Know Which Beauts Made The ‘Best Of Makeup’ List In 2019?

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best makeup products of 2019

When you happen to work at Nykaa, things tend to get, well hectic. Back in HQ, these past couple of months have just been noise. White noise to be specific. Amidst the incessant typing, to bizarre lunch table conversations, we know one thing for sure. It’s time for Life 2.0. *Takes a deep breath* Get ready to know which makeup all-stars made the hit list in 2019.

It’s time, dear ladies, to only invest in products that are nothing less than the best. Never settle. In this age of hyperbole and marketing ploys we’ve clear the clouds to give you the 2019 leaderboard. Formulas that earned our trust and stamp of approval. The icing on the cake you ask? Well, we got celebrity MUA and YouTube star Shaan Muttathil aka Shaan Mu to share his two cents on these blockbuster formulas. Here we go.

Best Makeup Products of 2019

1. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD - Orange

Please make way for the corrector of the year (sorry Kryolan). Since this formula can last through almost anything including a lengthy session of ugly cry, the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD - Orange waltzes to the top of our list with its head held high. “When this American brand dropped in India, it was a pretty big deal. This tube has saved me from multiple challenging moments on set. When celebrities show up with a zit, I smear this on and it instantly blurs it out,” shares Shaan. Oh, and It comes with a brush tip that camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. In this world of red spots, blemishes, dark circles (and insecurities) a good color corrector is our only way out to fake healthy skin in minutes.This is one of the best cosmetic products used in 2019.

best cosmetic products- L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD - Orange
best cosmetics- Nykaa So Matte! Mini Lipstick (Naughty Nude)

2. Nykaa So Matte! Mini Lipstick -
Naughty Nude

Considering lipstick being a fairly tough category, it was somewhat comforting to see how the Nykaa So Matte! Mini Lipstick in the shade Naughty Nude performed in 2019. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from these tried and tested sessions is that a nude lipstick can either make you or break you. The wrong shade can make you look like a walking corpse (egad!). Thanks to our culturally diverse team, everybody tried this shade and it magically looked great on each and every one of us (like the sisterhood of the travelling pants?). When we asked the makeup maven what he thought about the product he said, “Oh, most matte lipsticks dry up the lips but not this one.One of the must have makeup products, it’s perfect for those who like to keep it really subtle”.

3. Blue Heaven Lip Bomb - Bubble Gum

“The scent of this balm makes me so happy! So easy to apply too.”, conveys Shaan in his signature Malayali energy (which we LOVE). We’re with you in this Shaan, It honestly brought a twinkle in our eyes too. This bubblegum flavored balm boxes a rich harmony of Shea Butter and Canola Oil, making it one of the fastest selling formulas this year. The scent is alluring without it being too overwhelming which makes it perfect to pull out during deadlines and to that movie date you have scheduled for this week. Don’t be fooled by the playful packaging though. From nippy temperatures to central heating, this balm is going to save you from it all.

top makeup products- Blue Heaven Lip Bomb (Bubble Gum)
must have makeup products- Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

4. Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

While Colorbar bagged a Nykaa Femina beauty award last year for its heavy-duty eyeliner release, most are unaware of just how good their primer is. We’re talking about the Colorbar Perfect Match Primer. If your foundation tends to fall into your fine lines, this under Rs 1000, oil-free formula will keep your complexion looking smooth and healthy. Our favorite MUA shares an interesting twist to using this primer by stating, “If you have extremely oily skin and you don’t like wearing makeup, you can also use this primer as a moisturizer. It does a good job in blurring your pores”. Apart from being one of the top makeup products, a primer that doubles up as a moisturizer? Steal deal.

5. Maybelline New York Volum Express HyperCurl Mascara

If there’s a mascara that promises to make your lashes touch your brow bone, it’s got to be the all-time favorite drugstore queen, Maybelline New York Volum Express HyperCurl Mascara. Shaan confirms, “It’s one of the oldest mascaras we have in the market and I still have it in my kit. It gives me the freedom to skip false lashes for many of my clients”. That’s certainly right Shaan, because on the first swipe, this ultra-black formula coats even the finest lashes for a plush lift. Get ready for you lashes to be double and tripled without having it to look like a tarantula.

best makeup products 2019- Maybelline New York Volum Express HyperCurl Mascara
best makeup products of 2019- Miss Claire Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

6. Miss Claire Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

The Miss Claire Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil. Only one word. Ahhhmazing. You can draw hair-like strokes that blend right in with your brow hair to mimic an ultra-natural look. It also comes with a spoolie to help you comb unruly hair into place. Pop this super-skinny brow pencil into your handbag, excuse yourself to “powder your nose” and steal a quick touch up. Shaan shares, “Every girl must keep a brow pencil handy. However, the magic to getting it right lies in the technique. Brush your brows in the opposite direction which first helps spot your problematic areas. Fill the empty patches and then brush it back.” THANK YOU.

Coming to the end of this power packed round of groundwork was an amalgamation of narrowing down competitive formulas to finally picking the one to deliver the crème de la crème for our readers. While we're aware that we work for a dotcom company, we end 2019 by proudly saying that we served our country to our maximum potential (patriotic much?). We work for you the readers and for that it was worth every second, every disagreement, every swatch and every sheet of makeup remover. Now, join us as we chin up and chant ‘2020, we’re ready for you’.
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