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Wax, pomade or gel, what should you use?

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Wooing, my friend, is an art of subtleties. You could wear yourself out trying to impress your woman but it may just not be enough. What then do you fall back on? Simple: Be yourself. On the path of love, wearing a fragrance that speaks unapologetically of who you are can make or break the deal. The world of fragrances can be as deceptive as panning for gold: you must sift through the fakes to get to the treasure. That is exactly why we’ve chosen fragrances that speak of you much more lucidly than words.


It’s the one workhorse you need in your arsenal to keep your hair in place. Apply to wet hair for shiny hold. Go straight or wavy depending on your mood. Just apply with a light hand; some gels tend to produce white flakes as they dry, so go easy. Another plus; it washes out without hectic scrubbing.

Nykaa recommends: BBLUNT Gel Oh!, Natural Hold Gel


The new Johnnie in town, this super versatile hair product is good for all styles, from just-hopped-out-of-bed looks and spikes to textured and city slicker styles. Apply to dry or slightly damp locks after spreading evenly on your palms. More pliable than gel, so you can restyle as often as you like. The right product if you want to take your look from the boardroom to the bar. 

Nykaa recommends: BBLUNT 3D Texturizing Wax Paste


If you want natural shine and control this is the product for you. Perfect for thick, coarse or curly hair because of strand moisturizing ingredients like Silk Amino Acids, Olive Oil and Chamomile. Use on dry or damp hair to give non-sticky, flexible hold and tame flyaways. Another plus: the lightweight formula washes out easily.

Nykaa recommends: Kaytra Revitalizing Hair Cream for Men

Salt Spray

Call it what you want, Surf Spray, Beach Mist…whatever, but the effect is the same. It’ll recreate the effect of the sea breeze blowing through your locks. Random, tousled waves that make your hair look thicker. Steer clear though if you have dandruff. The product has real salt that can be dehydrating and dry out your scalp further.

Nykaa recommends: OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray


Unfortunately most men shy away from mousses because of their girly association. The foamy product coats hair strands with polymer chemicals making it look thicker and fuller than it really is. Great if you have fine hair or need to cover a bald or thinning patch because some formulas have thickening agents like Rice Proteins.    

Nykaa recommends: Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte For Lasting Body And Volume

So what’s it going to be? 
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