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We Just Tried These Hand And Foot Masks And They Are Godsent

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Yes, this is going to be one of those articles where I compliment you and admire you for taking such good care of your face, your hair, your body, mind, and your soul, and then call you out for not taking care of your hands and feet. They may not really be a part of your everyday routine, and that’s fine but a mani-pedi session once in two to three months is also not adequate.

Here’s why you need to care for your hands and feet. They work the most and are prone to dirt, infections, poor hygiene, everyday hardships, constant water, alcohol-based sanitisers, and too much soap. You may think it counts when you moisturize your hands while you care for your face and body but remind yourself how many times you wash your hands during the day, especially post COVID.

But is washing, moisturizing, and sometimes scrubbing really enough? Your feet usually tend to dry out and harden very fast, while the calluses on your palms keep challenging your body’s softness too. To sort out all these issues, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of hand and foot masks that will ensure deep hydration, nourishment, and detox.

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For your hands

1. The Face Shop Rich Hand V Special Care Hand Mask

Trust The Face Shop, the famous Korean beauty brand to bring their country’s beauty treasures to the market, to get you this perfect set of deeply hydrating serum dipped gloves for dry and rough hands. Enjoy a few moments in absolute bliss as this rich serum reaches the depths of your skin, moisturizing your hands deeply.

2. Innisfree Special Care Mask - Hand

This special mask is soaked in the goodness of seven natural herbal extracts that ensure hydration, vitality, and elasticity for your skin. Packed with eco-friendly ingredients, this mask will only take about 20 minutes to restore your hand’s moisture.

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3. VOESH Hydrating & Anti-Aging Collagen Gloves

A masterpiece product, these collagen gloves not only nourishes the skin on your hands but are also enriched with argan oil for an intensive treatment. It helps your hands feel firm and youthful with its anti-ageing properties. And the best part, the tips of the gloves can come off if you wish to paint your nails too!

For your feet

1. LuxaDerme Deep Moisturizing - Foot Hydration Socks

This nutrient-rich sock mask will soon become your foot’s new bestie. Bursting with active ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, safflower seed oil, and lavender and thyme extracts, this mask promises instant hydration for your feet. It will soften the cuticles and provide nourishment to your nails.

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2. Dr.Foot Foot Hydration Socks Mask

What more do you need for your dry and rough feet than hyaluronic acid, cocoa,  shea butter, aloe vera and olive oil. Use this restorative mask for a rejuvenating, hydrating, and lifting boost for your foot’s skin. The best part, it’s vegan, cruelty-free and perfect for both men and women. They’re also perfect for pamper sessions with your boo!

3. The Face Shop Smile Foot Pelling Jellly Mask

There’s nothing better than exfoliating, hydrating, plant-derived ingredients to soften your foot calluses and moisturize your skin. All of these essentials factors are whipped into a fun, relaxing jelly formula that promises to soothe your feet to the core. With shea butter, urea, collagen, and peppermint oil, this ultra-nourishing mask will leave your feet soft, baby-smooth, refreshed, and odour-free.

Happy pampering!

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