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Welcome to Water World: Beauty’s Best New Ingredient

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Welcome to Water World: Beautys Best New Ingredient - 1
Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink? That’s because we’re bottling the stuff and using it on our skin, instead!
Water is fast becoming a key beauty ingredient, and to be honest, we’re not entirely surprised – I mean, it is called the elixir of life, after all. Aside from its hydrating properties, water works as an anti-inflammatory and makes a lightweight, non-intrusive base for other skin-soothing ingredients. If you have sensitive, acne-prone or oily skin, water-based formulas are especially suitable for you.
While this in no way compensates for the litres-full you should be drinking every day, the beauty editors at Nykaa have tested the best (beauty) waters to bring you the ones making the biggest waves ‘round town.
Welcome to Water World: Beautys Best New Ingredient - 2
We needn’t make a case for Micellar Water, since everyone already knows how good it is for your skin. Bioderma’s Sensibio H2o is our favorite. Mild but miraculous, this cleanser is Dalai-Lama-level kind to your skin, with a zero-alcohol, zero-soap pH formula that maintains moisture levels and rebuilds the skin’s hydrolipidic film, while gently removing impurities. Can all the other cleansers step aside?
Welcome to Water World: Beautys Best New Ingredient - 3
What do you get when you steam distil the prettiest, most voluptuous roses in all the land? Um, only a 100% skin serenity. Forest Essential’s Pure Rosewater is a fan favorite for good reason. The toner’s fresh-AF blend of water, floral and fruit extracts hydrates, soothes and wakes you up before you go-go. We love double-duty buys, and this one works as both a toner and face mist.
Welcome to Water World: Beautys Best New Ingredient - 4
Seawater skin juju from Jeju? Sign us up! This magical, moisture-boosting blend uses Seawater essence combined with Jeju lava to plump, smoothen and hydrate your skin. Because its water-based, it absorbs into your skin quickly, building a moisture barrier and fighting the signs of ageing. Bonus? The inclusion of superhero Squalane and a veritable bouquet of floral, fruit and herbal extracts.
Welcome to Water World: Beautys Best New Ingredient - 5
We don’t need Leo to paint us like one of his French girls –Avene’s got us covered. Actual rain, mixed with mineral-rich sea spray journeyed for 50 years through the French mountains, picking up Aqua Dolomiae, trace elements and silicates, to find its way to your skin – it doesn’t get any fresher than that. Now, do we need to explain why you need this face mist? Uh huh, that’s what we thought.
Welcome to Water World: Beautys Best New Ingredient - 6
Okay, we’ll admit it – the first time we saw this, we weren’t sure whether to sip from it or put it on. And given its purer-than-driven-snow formulation (zero oil, denatured alcohol, parabens, colorants, animal ingredients, talc and paraffins), it might as well be edible. Infused with South American Chia Seed and Cotton Seed extract, this Korean wonder refines pores, soaks up excess oil and hydrates the heck out of your skin.
Welcome to Water World: Beautys Best New Ingredient - 7
The super-scientific uncle of the all-natural toner above, this Vital Water doesn’t waste time – it’s been meticulously engineered for maximum results. It cleanses impurities, repairs skin cells, zaps wrinkles and restores the youthfulness your face lost to adulting. Made with advanced Swiss skincare technology are swimmer ingredients TeloXtend and Stem-Cellogist, waiting to make your face firm and future-friendly.
Welcome to Water World: Beautys Best New Ingredient - 8
We couldn’t be more thankful to our friends in Israel for parting the Dead Sea and bringing its wonders to our parched skin. Powered with Osmoter, this Mineral Toning Water is infused with the Dead Sea’s miracle minerals, salts and botanic extracts to boot, working to restore your skin’s pH level and hydration and leave it as buoyant as you would be, were you floating in the Dead Sea yourself.
Welcome to Water World: Beautys Best New Ingredient - 9
Skip your meditation class and spritz on some of this Mogra water instead. Take it from our ancestors, who didn’t need stress squeeze balls, shrinks and a million beauty products to look alive every day. An ancient remedy, Mogra is an anti-inflammatory, and even works on your mind, relieving stress, tension and turning your mood sunny-side-up. This one is especially good on dry, sensitive and mature skin.
Welcome to Water World: Beautys Best New Ingredient - 10
As essential as water? Sunscreen! With L’Oreal Paris’ UV Perfect Aqua Essence, you can have both in the same serving. The aqua-based sun protector is light-as-air on your skin, absorbing quicker than you can say ‘UVB rays’. With a solid SPF 50 and 12-hour-power, we’d say you can circle the sun in a space shuttle and still be unscathed by its harmful rays, darkening or pigmentation. Get it now, and stay sun-safe rather than sorry.
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