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In review: Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Range

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Eager to follow the au-naturel hair trend but don’t know where to begin? Still contemplating if you should go organic or herbal? Fret not, for Wella’s got it all! With equal parts pure, pretty and potent this luxury haircare brand’s cool, minimalist packaging is only the beginning.
Introducing a whole collection of ‘free from’ sulphates, parabens and artificial colorants, courtesy - Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Range. Formulated with advanced NuTREE Complex the shampoo, conditioner and mask boast of restoring hair’s inner structure and preventing against further keratin degeneration. These two lines and boy, was I hooked! I just had to test them on myself, so go on have a look.
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My curly, more-often-than-not-frizzy hair is quite the drama queen. Some days its oily and limp, most often its curly but nonetheless quite damaged from the constant coloring and pollution. What I needed was more than just an off-the-rack gentle and clean haircare line. My crown was thirsting for naturally enriched bases from mother nature’s green reserve.  Enter Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Shampoo
On squeezing the bottle, there’s an instant whiff of warm muskmelon coupled with an almost translucent, smooth textured liquid. A pea sized quantity goes a long way. My entire shoulder length mane was lathering intensely, all with zero chemicals! I loved the soft, bouncy feel after rinsing the product off and it seemed to be the perfect remedy for my stressed strands. Another plus was the deep cleansing this poo’ offered, all dirt, dust and dryness vanished.
Moving on to the Wella Professionals Elements Light Renewing Conditioner
The easy-to-pour thicker than liquid, creamy consistency transports you to seventh heaven! As I doused my locks from root (not scalp) to tip, I felt the intoxicating scents deep condition from within. A tiny amount and my unruly curls instantly detangled. Unlike other conditioners, the product did not weigh down my hair, on the contrary it felt light, fresh, smelt divine and the frizz too immediately eased!
In review: Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Range - 2
In review: Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Range - 3
Next up, Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Mask
Usually I wouldn’t recommend this one to anyone on a shoe-string budget, but I’m totally obsessing about this beauty! I’d say the best in the range is saved for last as I particularly loved this mask. Its butter-like velvety texture literally melts into each strand on application for a no-mess, fuzz-free leave-in. I waited for about five minutes before washing it off so that it penetrated into my scalp to rejuvenate and replenish every damaged follicle. Definitely a keeper, this one.
All in all, does this range really repair hair? I’d have to say yes! The set suits my heavily bleached hair while the curls breathe in the pure, natural formula.
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