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Wellness Trends That Will Be Big In 2021!

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Well, the year 2020 didn’t go as we had hoped for; however the one key takeaway from the year gone by—nothing is as important as taking care of yourself. For me, all the time saved working from home, instead of the daily commute was poured into learning new skills and adapting a healthier approach to life. In all, people started investing a lot more time trying to build their immunity, staying safe and focus on leading an all-encompassing holistic lifestyle. This has certainly upended the way people have looked at wellness in general—giving the industry a boost in 2021, with more people discovering the benefits of paying attention to their mind, body and soul.

Ahead, we have curated the top six wellness trends that will be big in 2021. From adapting a minimalist approach to beauty, sustainable everything to crystal-infused skincare, here are some of the ways you can stay on top of your wellness game this year!

1. Skinmalism & Sleepcare

Bid adios (if you haven’t already) to elaborate 10 step skin rituals, as 2021 observes a more minimalistic approach to skincare; think: multi-tasking products infused with potent ingredients that will cut-down on the steps—but will be just as mighty, if not more. While we are at it, an effective sleep-care regimen will become just as important, with over-night creams and serums taking centre stage. The aim is on healthy, glowing skin that will minimize the need of heavy makeup. Love.

2. Recyclable Beauty

In addition to adapting a clean, organic, and green beauty approach, recyclable and sustainable packing will rate very high this year. Customers have started demanding the ban of single-use packaging and instead opting for non-toxic, alternative materials such as glass, ceramic or recycled plastic in order to minimize landfills. Moreover, refillable containers and subscription packages might make an advent in a large way which will encourage users to send back their bottles for refilling. Now ain’t that genius?

3. Customized Immunity & Gut Health

The popularity of immune-boosting superfoods and ingredients is all set to reach new heights in 2021. According to the GWI, in addition to food and supplements, we will see more customized immunity hacks, using genetic testing and biohacking etc. to pinpoint what immune therapies best suit our systems. Moreover, the limelight will also be on gut health and microbiome which pertains to immunity and brain function.

4. Crystal-Infused Beauty

All set to gain traction this year, is exploring the spiritual properties of crystal healing to create powerful selfcare rituals—in addition to bosting your overall skin and mental health. From jade rollers, Gua sha stone massagers fashioned out of Amethyst, Black Obsidian to scrubs infused with crystals and Rose quartz roller bottles, brands have been launching crystal-infused beauty products to revitalise and detoxify. Good vibes only!

5. Virtual Fitness

Whether gyms, yoga centres etc. are functioning intermittently or been forced to shut down, the most viable (and safer) option this year would be to opt for virtual fitness. This new trend encompasses live stream workouts, personal training on zoom, pre-recorded workout videos, in addition to a plethora of health apps. Pros: working out at the comfort of your living room, no commute time, lower price points and the opportunity to try out newer workout formats at your own time and pace. Cons: There are none. Sign us up!

6. Mental Wellness

While 2020 saw an emergence of increased awareness surrounding mental health, 2021 will continue to encourage and drive conversations around mental health—including a rise in the number of people seeking help from therapists and psychiatrists. Additionally, self-improvement services as well as meditation apps, sleep-optimising solutions and mindfulness apps will assist people in their wellness journey. AI based therapists and teletherapy industries will also see a big boost this year.

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