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What Are The Benefits Of Scalp Massage? 10 Scalp Oils You Should Shop From Nykaa

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benefits of a scalp massage

The internet community seems to stand divided on the idea of a scalp massage and its ‘alleged’ benefits. A quick Google search ought to fill you in on this unceasing debate – on one hand, people endorse scalp massages, as a way to promote healthy hair growth. But many others have deemed this ritual counterproductive to all efforts directed towards your mane. Since most of my fondest childhood memories revolve around the Sunday scalp oiling sesh, courtesy of the mothership— I decided to take the matter into my own hands. I reached out to Dr Sharmila Nayak, Founder Of The Skin 1st Clinic to help me decode a scalp massage. The leading dermatologist addresses all the FAQs – from the benefits of scalp oiling, the regularity with which you should observe these massages and the best ingredients for a scalp massage.

What Is A Scalp Massage ?

The process of cascading oil onto the scalp and gently rubbing it in with your fingertips is called scalp oiling. Dr Sharmila adds, “Scalp care is integral to beautiful and healthy hair. Scalp oiling is a form of a head massage that helps relieve stress and improve blood circulation.”

How To Do A Scalp Massage?

Dr Sharmila suggests taking a few drops of lukewarm oil for your scalp massage. She further adds. “The technique is of paramount importance to administering a good scalp massage. Remember to be gentle— massaging the scalp vigorously can often lead to hair breakage. I will recommend not keeping the oil overnight unless your scalp is exceedingly parched.
If you want to reap the optimal benefits of a scalp massage, wrap a warm towel on your mane once done. After one hour, wash and condition as per your regular regimen.”

What Are The Benefits Of Scalp Oiling?

Our expert on board, Dr Sharmila, says. “A good scalp massage goes a long way. It has multiple benefits. It increases blood circulation, improves scalp health, removes dead cell build-up and strengthens the hair roots thereby improving hair growth.

Is Oiling Meant For Every Scalp Type?

As discussed earlier, there has been a lot of back and forth on whether scalp oiling is beneficial to everyone. If you are someone with a naturally greasy scalp, it is advised to steer clear of oiling. Over-oiling can clog the pores and eventually hamper hair growth. It can also impact the scalp’s microbiome, drawing more dust and pollution to itself. Dr Sharmila says, “We need to understand that, just as we have different skin types, so do we have different scalp types and pertinent issues. A dry scalp will benefit the most from a scalp massage. Not only does it aid in increasing blood circulation and activating the oil glands but the oil massage will help nourish the scalp. It also helps alleviate a dry, itchy scalp.”

How Often Should You Do A Scalp Massage?

Dr Sharmila remarks, “As addressed earlier, an oil massage is very effective for people with normal to dry scalps. So you can opt for an elaborate scalp oiling ritual once, every week. Folks with oily scalps can go for a dry massage, i.e. gently rub your fingertips on your scalp in a circular motion. This improves blood circulation and helps you unwind.”

What Are Some Ingredients You Should Elect For A Good Scalp Massage?

Dr Sharmila strongly recommends discerning your hair and scalp type before committing to a product. Further she adds,” Coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil and sesame oil are the most popular ingredients for a scalp massage.”

Can A Scalp Massage Help With Hair Growth?

Dr Nayak recommends adding essential oils like rosemary oil, along with a carrier oil (say coconut) to help facilitate hair growth and nourishment to the scalp.

Now that we are well versed with the basics of a scalp massage, here are 10 best oils that you can shop from Nykaa! So keep scrolling

Nykaa Recommends: 10 Best Oils For A Scalp Massage

Fable & Mane Holiroots Treatment Oil

Fable & Mane HoliRoots Treatment Oil To Strengthen Roots and Thicken Hair

MRP: ₹829 for 14.4 ml

Key Ingredients-Ashwagandha, Dashmool And Castor Oil

Siblings and co-founder, Nikita and Akash Mehta’s Fable & Mane is an ode to their childhood spent in India. The formulations featuring plant roots are reminiscent of ancient Ayurvedic brews used for health and healing. Ashwagandha, an adaptogen, helps relieve the scalp of stress and strain. Dashmool, in the blend also leaves a calming sensation whilst bolstering the scalp health. Promoting healthy hair growth by virtue of increasing blood circulation – castor oil in the mix shines through. 90% of consumers corroborated the claim by stating that their scalp feels more nourished after using this oil!

Soulflower organic rosemary lavender oil

Soulflower Organic Rosemary Lavender Healthy Hair Growth Oil,Scalp Nourishment, Castor Olive Coconut

MRP: ₹225 for 120 ml

Key Ingredients -Rosemary, Lavender And Olive

From the clean beauty brand, Sunflower, this rosemary and lavender oil has a rating of 4.4 on Nykaa. Rosemary has a soothing effect on the scalp and is also known to alleviate episodes of dryness or itchiness. Olive in the blend possess antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which ensures optimal scalp health. Over 85% of the happy customers' testimonials are proof that this oil will leave you with a happy scalp.

Anomaly Hair & Scalp Oil For Dry And Irritated Scalp

Anomaly Hair & Scalp Oil for Dry & Irritated Scalp

MRP: ₹1000 for 88 ml

Key Ingredients- Almond Oil And Rosehip Oil

Priyanka Chopra's brainchild, Anomaly has been creating massive waves in the beauty industry. The hair and scalp oil from this range has been crafted with care to heal an irritated scalp. A harmonious blend of rose hip and almond oil detoxifies, moisturises and soothes an aggravated scalp. This stellar offering is vegan, cruelty-free and sits in a recycled bottle. A nozzle on the brim helps you direct the amount of product for one massage sesh, with ease!

blue nectar briganantadi scalp oil

Blue Nectar Briganantadi Hair Fall Control & Healthy Scalp Oil

MRP: ₹495 for 100 ml

Key Ingredients- Amla, Mulethi, Bhringraj

A treat for your senses, this luxuriant oil administers a healthy scalp, promoting good hair growth. Bhringraj, imbued in this formula, does away with episodes of dandruff. It is also adept at facilitating moisture retention in the scalp, integral to hair growth. The non-greasy formula created with amla– bears vitamins and phytonutrients for increasing the blood flow in the scalp. With a knock-out 4.9 rating on Nykaa, this offering by Blue Nectar is result-oriented and infallible.

Parachute Advansed AloeVera Enriched Coconut Oil

Parachute Advansed Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil for Soft and Strong Hair

MRP: ₹130 for 250 ml

Key Ingredients- Aloe Vera, Coconut

Pervading every Indian household— this make of coconut oil by Parachute triggers a helluva of nostalgia for me. A humble yet flawless offering - infused with aloe extracts and coconut oil, we know the myriad of benefits it confers on the tresses. But how does it satiate the scalp? Aloe vera has an incomparable healing prowess, which comes in handy for folks with an irritated scalp. Eradicating dryness and flakiness, aloe promotes a healthy scalp! The mix also bears coconut oil, which several celebrities swear by. It casts an impenetrable barrier that fights aggressors and infections.

Bajaj Almond Drop Almond Oil

Bajaj Almond Drops Almond Oil 6X Vitamin E Nourishment Non Sticky Hair Oil For Hair Fall Control

MRP: ₹70 for 100 ml

Key Ingredients- Mustard Oil, Sweet Almond Oil

The non-sticky formula seeps into the scalp and puts a lock on the moisture content, preventing dryness. Mustard oil is competent at easing cases of scalp inflammation and irritation. The Bajaj Almond Oil is also powered with the goodness of almonds, keeps dandruff at bay and combats instances of possible bacterial infections. A well known name in many Indian households, this potent oil has a consumer rating of 4.4!

OGX renewing Morocco argan oil

OGX Renewing Morocco Argan Oil Penetrating Oil

MRP: ₹899 for 100 ml

Key Ingredient- Argan Oil

The argan oil, by OGX is a powerful antioxidant which has a myriad of beneficial effects on the scalp. It guards the scalp cells from oxidative damage, caused due to external aggressors. As discussed earlier, remedying the scalp is of utmost importance to healthy hair— argan oil works from the root up to lay the foundation for your gloriously soft, nourished mane!

8. Best Ayurvedic Inspired Offering - Brillare Pure Seasame Oil

Brillare Pure Sesame Oil

Brillare Pure Seasame Oil

MRP: ₹495

Key Ingredient- Sesame Seed Oil

This 100% organic, cold-pressed offering from Brillare is ideal for a lukewarm, ayurvedic head massage. Brewed with sesame oil (containing fatty acids) percolate deep into the scalp to treat inflammation around the follicles, which may be slackening hair growth. Owing to its antifungal/antibacterial quality, sesame oil also expels dandruff from the head. From our Conscious at Nykaa range, this brilliant offering is a must-have for your summer care arsenal.

Dr Batra’s Hair Oil

Parachute Advansed Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil for Soft and Strong Hair

MRP: ₹569 for 200ml

Key Ingredient- Rosemary, Thulsi, Ginger

Rosemary, thusly and brahmi— the terrific trifecta associated with healing are at the forefront of this potent oil by Dr Batra. Bottling the immense power of thulsi, which fights 4 varieties of dandruff-triggering fungus, administers blood circulation and bolsters the hair follicles — the evergreen product is always in high demand. The whisper of ginger keeps any infection stemming from the scalp at an arm’s distance and with rosemary abates all signs of strain.

10. Best For Scalp Relief - AuraVedic Scalp Relief Onion Hair Oil

Auravedic Scalp relief onion hair oil

AuraVedic Scalp Relief Onion Hair Oil

MRP: ₹400

Key Ingredients- Tea Tree, Amla, Onion Juice

A harmony of good-for-you ingredients-tea tree, amla and onion juice, the Auravedic oil combats multiple scalp-related concerns. Phytonutrient containing amla for increasing blood circulation, onion juice for balancing the pH and tea tree for a soothing effect, makes this concoction a surefire solution for a spectrum of prevalent problems. Just take a few drops of the oil, start massing from the nape of your neck and move upwards to the crown. This little exercise is bound to take your stress away and leave you feeling refreshed!

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