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What Causes Dandruff And How To Get Rid Of Dandruff

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What causes dandruff

What is Dandruff?

Dandruff is an acute scalp condition indicated by flaking of the skin. These embarrassing white dots that just love falling all over the place leave traces of an unhealthy scalp. They are like exclusive snowflakes no one desires. Certain innocuous-seeming hair care regimes make hair susceptible to dandruff more than you can imagine. Being aware of the cycle of dandruff formation can help you understand its game, tackle it from the root, and maintain a happy scalp.


How is Dandruff Formed?

Let us walk you through the process leading to the existence of hair dandruff.

  1. A fungus, when overactive, feeds on sebum – an essential natural scalp oil – and thus, depletes hair of its natural oils and moisture.
  2. This sebum breaks down to certain acidic by-product that is harmful for the health of the scalp.
  3. The scalp responds to the presence of the disturbing by-product by turning red and itchy.
  4. In an attempt to shed the unwanted by-product, the body signals the brain to shed skin faster, resulting in dead skin cells visible as white flakes falling off the scalp.
  5. This is the stage where you keep shrugging your shoulders hoping the snowflakes would come to a halt.

Based on the evoking cause, dandruff can be fairly classified into three categories. Let’s sneak a look at the types of dandruff.


Types of Dandruff

1. Wet dandruff

Wet dandruff is the result of extreme sebum production, which leaves oily scales on the scalp. This type of dandruff is exacerbated if the humid scalp attracts more dirt and is inadequately washed. Thus, the build-up of excess oil and sebum on scalp incites wet dandruff.

2. Oily dandruff

Oily dandruff also known as greasy dandruff, occurs when you don’t shampoo your hair enough, leading to accumulation of skin cells and flaking. Washing your hair less often makes your hair greasy and scalp oily, triggering oily scalp dandruff.

3. Dry dandruff

Dry dandruff is caused by fungal or scalp infection resulting in itchy and flaky scalp. A dry scalp that is void of moisture piques dry dandruff.

Heavy dandruff occurs more in males rather than females. Puberty is also the time when dandruff makes its unsolicited presence felt. Recognizing the formation of dandruff in its early stages can help control dandruff before it exacerbates.


Dandruff Symptoms

The early signs of dandruff preceding flakes include:

  • 1. Dryness and Tightness
  • Excessive dandruff destroys your skin’s natural moisture barrier and allows the moisture to escape, leaving the scalp dry and tight. Even after adequate combing, the hair seems to lose its lustre and becomes unmanageable.

  • 2. Itchiness and Inflammation
  • Experiencing itchiness on the scalp due to dead cells and a flaky scalp is the most common dandruff symptom. Itchy scalp causes irritation which consequently leads to redness.

  • 3. Hair Fall
  • It is normal to experience hair fall, but if you lose hair strands at a higher rate, it might be a symptom of dandruff. 25-30 is the average number of hair strands one loses every day.

    Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Shampoo reinforces the strength in your hair and prevents excessive hair fall.

  • 4. Acne
  • Although not directly related, the severity of dandruff encourages the sudden outbreak of pimples on face. Tackling dandruff from the root, takes care of the acne. Avoid getting dandruff on face as it triggers acne.


What Causes Dandruff?

Now that you have answers for what is dandruff, scan the underlying reasons for dandruff. It a common misconception that poor hygiene is a responsible dandruff cause. However, it’s not always the only reason for dandruff.

1. Existing skin and medical conditions

People with eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorders are more prone to dandruff issues. Also, people suffering from Parkinson’s disease or some other neurological illnesses are known to have dandruff.

2. Improper hair care regime

Not sure if you are shampooing enough? Shampooing too frequently can irritate the scalp and shampooing less often can cause accumulation of dirt and oil on the scalp. In either case, dandruff is a given. Also, certain hair products that don’t suit you, can react and prove to be a prime dandruff cause.

3. Overusing hair styling equipment

Love playing around with heat styling instruments on a daily basis? We have got news for ya. Excessive use of harsh hair styling equipment, such as blow dryer and straightener can deplete the hair of its natural moisture and increase dryness which consequentially leads to dandruff. Ensure you straighten your hair only occasionally and use protective hair styling creams. Climbazole enriched Brylcreem Dandruff Protect Styling Cream, lets you groom your hair while providing 24-hour Anti Dandruff Action.

4. Following a poor diet

Can’t keep calm until you consume that last chip in the packet? Excessive consumption of junk or unhealthy food is known to escalate dandruff. Also, insufficient water intake clogs pores and increases the probability of dandruff. It is essential to maintain a nutrient-rich diet.

5. Inviting extreme stress

Is your job giving you an existential crisis? Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news but all that stress shows up on your scalp. Mental stress if not handled well, can create a smooth driveway for dandruff to arrive and ruin your pretty hair. Ensure a healthy sleep cycle and find ways to control stress.

The exquisite aroma of PureSense Relaxing Macadamia Stress Relief Spray relaxes the senses and calms the mind while helping alleviate stress.

Lastly, let us tend to that lingering question that must be hovering around your head by now. Is dandruff contagious? No. So don’t let dandruff be the reason you ditch your BFF.


Different Places Where Dandruff can be Found

Dandruff doesn’t just show up on the scalp. It is known to open branches even on eyebrows, eyes, and behind the ear. Basically any part of skin that can over-stimulate oil production. Dandruff no matter where it is found is usually caused by the same underlying reasons.

  • 1. Eyebrow dandruff
  • Dandruff on eyebrows is caused by improper response of the immune system coupled with stress.

  • 2. Ear dandruff
  • Dandruff on ears can occur due to dehydration, stress, swimming in chlorinated water, sun exposure, or smoking. Excessive dryness of the skin can cause skin dandruff.

  • 3. Head dandruff
  • Dandruff on head can be caused due to oily skin, skimpy hair wash regime, sensitivity to hair products or not oiling your hair enough leading to extreme dryness.

  • 4. Eyelash dandruff
  • Dandruff on eyelash is caused by bacterial or fungal infection and dry eyes.

Certain habits, such as washing hair in extreme water temperatures, over-consumption of sugar in diet, and constant exposure to chlorinated water while swimming can aggravate dandruff problem. Soothing an agitated scalp is one herculean task, but putting a stop to this flaky drama is not as tangled as it seems.


Tips to Remove Dandruff:

1. Soothe your scalp with an oil massage

Mothers are known to be adamant about blessing your mane with dollops of coconut oil. Applying coconut oil which is known to fight fungi, can also help bid adieu to dandruff.  Apply coconut oil regularly at night before sleeping and wash it off in the morning. Antioxidant-rich Tea Tree Oil and Green Tea is another natural dandruff tip to drive away dandruff swiftly. MCaffeine Naked Detox Green Tea Hair Oil is a non-greasy formula that penetrates hair follicles to nourish the scalp from within and knock off those flakes.

Dandruff Solution
Dandruff Tips- Lemon Juice

2. Add Drops of Lemon Juice to Fight the Fungus

Use a dropper to push 3 drops of Lemon Juice onto your scalp. The acid in the Lemon Juice triggers break down of dandruff causing fungus. Lemon Juice is a natural dandruff cure that doesn’t involve harsh chemicals. You can also squeeze some lemon into a cup of water and apply this solution to your hair to free the scalp of excess oil and reduce dandruff.

3. Infuse rebalancing serum into your hair care regime

If your dandruff is triggered with irregular sebum production, balance it with the help of a serum that tilts the scales in your favor. A good serum soothes the stressed scalp, provides moisture, effectively confronts and keeps dandruff in control. Schwarzkopf BC Scalp Genesis Rebalancing Serum is a rebalancing fluid for scalps prone to dandruff problem.
What is dandruff
Dandruff Symptoms

4. Wash your hair with an Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Anti-dandruff shampoos are specially formulated to focus on ousting dandruff and restoring hair’s natural sheen. They purify the scalp to prevent flaking while retaining moisture.Kaya Anti - Dandruff Shampoo formulated with Piroctone Olamine and enriched with Vitamin B5 is a gentle dandruff solution for healthy scalp free of dandruff.

Take dandruff control in your hands and keep this nasty enemy of your pretty mane away! Don’t let the flaky monsters rob your hair of its strength and radiance.

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