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‘Gym Lips’ Is Here To Stay And Here’s Everything We Know About It

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Once you go down the rabbit hole of bingeing on beauty reels, there is no going back (it is low-key therapeutic too, if you ask me)! Take it from someone who indulges in the same ritual every other night till the crack of dawn. Lucky for me, I am also an exceedingly inquisitive beauty writer whose job description entails keeping a vigilant eye on the latest beauty trends that have been taking the internet by storm. One trend in specific that has been literally flooding my Instagram feed is ‘Gym Lips’. Upon digging some more, I realised that unlike what the name suggests, acing this trend requires no heavy lifting at all (get it?).

Kelli Anne, New York Based Makeup Artist

What Is the ‘Gym Lips’ Trend?

Ever since I can recall, we have been collectively chasing ‘big cushiony lips’. However, enhancing one’s lips to make them look fuller and luscious mostly depended on injectables and temporary fillers that stirred many conversations (the good, the bad and the ugly, tbh). However, the latest whirlwind of keeping it natural or ‘caszh’ birthed a new frenzy that has become a colossal hit— Gym Lips. Coined by the US-based MUA, Kelli Anne, this trend basically involves subtly overlining your lips with a hued liner which is closest to the actual colouring of your lips. Top this off with a hydrating lip oil and voila, this little manoeuvre will make your lips look naturally plump and juicy. Speaking of the terminology, Gym Lips is attributed to it, seeing how you can use this elusive trick for the ideal pucker even at the gym (ahem, or in my case, a trip to the store to replenish snacks) and get away with it! Ahead is my experience with the trend.

Following Suit

“How hard could it possibly be?” I asked myself one sunny afternoon. It was at a midweek editorial jam session at work when my team suggested I give this trend a try. In all honesty, it took me more than a couple of tries to hit the bull’s eye, but I loved every bit of the process. As a beauty editor who is rather lucky to own a repository of lip liners, I was amazed to discover that none of them even came close to my natural lip colour. And so, after meticulously surveying the slew of products available in the market, I narrowed it down to three beautiful shades. Braced with the liner, I started to overline my lips with a newfound enthusiasm and failed bitterly. The lining looked very prominent and almost overdone, to my dismay. Keeping at it for a while, I concluded that maintaining a steady and delicate hand is of paramount importance for the perfect organic tracing of sorts. I followed this with a twinge of my favourite lip plumper to complete the look.

If you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon too, I’ve listed a few good offerings that will help you achieve this viral trend! Keep scrolling to shop.

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laneige lip balm - LANEIGE Lip Glowy Balm

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Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath

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