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What makes Kubra Sait a stellar hostess?

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Usually she’s the one asking all the questions on the red carpet. This time, we decided to swap sides. Listen in as Kubra Sait, anchor and actor, tells us what it takes to get paid to talk.  
You're officially India's best emcee. What does it take to get there?
Winning the Best Emcee Award was a defining moment. To be an emcee, you need to have a heart and mind of your own. You may have a script but you have to think on your feet when you're on the red carpet or the stage. I'm an effervescent person. One of the most important things is to ask the right questions. Spontaneity is a must but it's never in your script!
Who according to you is the best dressed on the red carpet?
I am spellbound when I'm face to face with Deepika Padukone. She's a beautiful girl with such great skin and carries off everything so well. Another person I look forward to seeing is Kangana Ranaut. She's edgy and stylish. Shriya Saran also regal on the red carpet
What's the next thing you want to wear on the red carpet?
A tuxedo! I would love to wear it but I'm not sure of people's reaction.
Who picks your outfits?
I usually pick my own. When I'm not sure, I call friends like Shantanu and Nikhil. Their outfits are fabulous—the fabrics are great and the cuts, lovely.
What's the biggest red carpet faux pas ever?
When people don't know what looks good on them. I don't have anything against larger people but you need to find clothes that complement your body. Look at Vidya Balan; she knows she's curvy and carries off saris with such panache. Too many people try to fit in rather than stand out with their individual fashion sense.
Recent red carpet bloopers?
I recently asked an actress which designer she was wearing and she replied, "OMG, is this on TV? Because I forgot."
Do you have a beauty regimen?
I drink lots of water. I try to remove my makeup before I sleep. I do use a very good face wash, toner and moisturizer. A monthly or bi-monthly visit to a dermatologist always helps. I have a very erratic schedule, so I need to be more regular. I also try to eat right. I'm vegetarian at home but when I'm out, I just go crazy. I try my best to enjoy the right amount and kind of food. Beauty as a regimen comes from inside as opposed to slathering something on your face.
Three products that you can't do without…
What completes my look for the day is my moisturizer, concealer, BB cream, mascara and lip balm. I can't resist Tommy Boy. Yes, you'll find a lot of men's fragrances in my collection, Issey Miyake and Tommy Boy being my faves.
What's next on the agenda?
I'm going to play commentator in Sultan along with Meiyang Chang. It's an extension of what I do for live events. I'm very inspired by the kind of niche Manish Paul has carved for himself. And I think it's time for a female Manish Paul in the realm!
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