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What Men Want

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Every time you strut in your boyfriend’s shirt or distressed denim, notice him smirk in approval? Dig deeper and you’ll know it doesn’t take much to please your man. This Boyfriend’s Day (yep, it’s a thing now), make an exception and play dress up to suit his fancy. Frankly, it’s your ploy to shut him up for the rest of the year. Wink wink. Good thing is that they ALL would like you to keep-it-simple. Who’s complaining?

In case you need a kickstart, scroll down as we decode six looks for six kinds of girlfriends.

The Lazybone

Tuck your hair in and flaunt the brightest red lippie in town. Ace that and you’re good to turn heads, let alone your boyfriend. And the scruffier your strands, the sexier it gets.
Beware: Be nonchalant and unplay the eyes. Don’t be conscious of the way your hair falls on your face.
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The Alpha Female

Bet you wear the pants in the relationship? Guess that also means you’re a no-frills girl. Wet hair is your two-minute hack to wearing your personality. While that’s a known fact, this 2017, shake things up with a two-toned smoky eye and a luscious pout.
Beware: Aim for wet, not hard locks. So, mousse, gel or spray is out of question. Nor do you want to let it sweep across your eyes and make them go from smoky to runny.

The Goofball

Not someone to work the same look twice but #bae urges you to keep-it-simple? Go crazy with a wavy-slash-messy lob and a quirky graphic eye. In fact, splash some color – think pink, blue or even yellow strokes of fun?
Beware: Have fun, but don’t too much fun. Strike a balance like this nude pink pout.
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The Workaholic

For the woman on the run, take a cue or two from your man’s man bun to keep things fuss-free. Groom your brows and finish your lashes with mascara for the day and top that with a dark pout for the night.
Beware: Emulate his hairstyle, not his vibe. But show him how a woman can flaunt his style minus the masculinity.

The Socialite

Pull the highest ponytail, let your wispy bangs fall on your face and voila! You’ve bagged the million-dollar look without a penny. A nude lipstick and simple eyeliner will have your man stick to you like glue.
Beware: Make a mess with your pony. To a point that it seems amateurish even.
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The Wifey

For the girl who runs his house, powerful earthy tones on your lips and lids make for a subtle yet bold move. Match that easy, at-home vibe by enhancing your natural waves. Let your hair loose.
Beware: No need for strong punches of color and separate your mane in half for added raunchiness.
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