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What The F: The Most Underrated Vitamin Finally Gets Its Due

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It’s F-ing nuts that we’ve just woken up to the phenomenon of vitamin F. It’s been around for ages and we hear, a big deal in skincare. Mostly because vitamin F can be deemed vitamin ‘fat’ since it’s a blend of two essential fatty acids: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and linoleic acid (LA). And we know how beneficial fats are to our skin.

But if you’re borderline freaking out assuming this changes your whole vitamin game, don’t! It’s a hassle-free inclusion, and probably already present in your current stash. Especially since it’s commonly found in rosehip, argan, chia, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, olives, almonds, walnuts, hemp seeds… Map it out smartly in your routine, and watch it work overtime on your lipids. When applied on your skin, it converts to ceramide, a protective compound that allows cell to retain moisture, structure and flexibility. But exclude it, and watch it compromise your skin’s outer layer. Now that, you don’t want. And since your body can’t produce it naturally, you need it that much more. Greater news is that it comes with zero baggage and side effects. So happily apply thick generous layers of it twice a day without a worry in the world.

Get the ‘fatty’ on this antioxidating, hydrating, replenishing, anti-inflammatory ingredient that works on all skin types.

Source: Rosehip

We can’t begin to express the hours we’ve spent zooming into every Kate Middleton picture just to spot one tiny wrinkle, fine line or blemish on her face. But that stopped bothering us ever since we got to know her secret potion: rosehip oil. And Nykaa’s cold-pressed oil is a nothing short of miraculous. It’s cold pressed from naturally sourced ingredients, fights premature aging, and regenerates dead skin cells. Sold!

Source: Sunflower seeds

If there’s an oil that can give coconut oil a run for its money, it’s this. On days you’d like to rejig your skincare routine (and you regularly should), this one-for-all oil is a great substitute. It’s nourishing, soothing, locks in moisture and leaves you feeling silky smooth seconds after it gets absorbed. Try it, you’ll thank us later.

Source: Olive Oil

As if this hero ingredient needs an introduction? Every time you’d like to drench in rich, lusciousness, nothing comes close to the goodness of olives. Khadi Natural’s oil is great for hair and your body. For its dense texture, it’s quite a non-sticky formula. In fact, at times we even spoil ourselves by adding a drop or two of it in our moisturizer as well. There, our secret’s out!

Source: Flaxseed and Olive Oil

This product trumps all because it boasts of not one but two ingredients that contains vitamin F. Even better that it’s a baby oil. Because firstly, when has that ever stopped us from applying it? And secondly, you know they’d treat its formula with kid gloves which effectively also reads environment-friendly and preservative-free.

Source: Chia seeds

The only time we ever turned to chia seeds was to rid of hunger. We never really thought it would ever make it as the primary ingredient on our face cream. Ever! But this highly fibrous, anti-oxidizing, rich in protein seed is packed as a hydro cream. By that the brand means a gel-based formula that’s dripping H2O.

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