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When Matte Met Gloss: Nykaa Army Reviews Nykaa Matte Gloss Full Cover Lip Gloss

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nykaa lip gloss

Does a swipe of lipstick boost your mood instantly? If yes, you’re a part of our tribe. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of swiping a rich, creamy, luxurious lipstick on your pout. But sometimes, it’s hard to pick between the perfect longlasting finish of a matte lip and a super glamorous glossy texture. To merge the two—that would be the stuff of dreams.

Trust Nykaa Cosmetics to bring the two together, with their new line of Nykaa Matte Gloss Full Cover Lip Gloss. With eight stunning shades of bold, dramatic colours, this perfect blend of velvet satin texture is comfortable and smooth on your lips.

Nykaa Army’s Vinita Daga and Sara Shah gave this stunning formula a test run, and here’s what they have to say.

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Vinita Daga

“When I first heard about this matte-gloss hybrid, it seemed like an oxymoron. How can something that's matte also be glossy? But, I stood corrected when I tried it on. The liquid lipsticks glide on like a gloss and give the look of juicy, dewy lips, but last as long as liquid mattes! For someone who has very specific asks of her lipsticks, this range did not disappoint. Long-lasting because ain't nobody got time for touch-ups? Yes ma'am! Highly pigmented because one swipe should do the job? Tick. Non-sticky because isn't having your hair stuck to your lips the absolute worst? Hell yes! Cost-efficient? Check. And finally, shades that are glam and versatile? You know it! If you're looking for a lip product that can give you an equal measure of shine and performance, look no further and add the Nykaa Matte Gloss to your cart NOW.”

Sara Shah

“Honestly, I like sticking to the classics, pretty much steering clear of gimmick-y new launches. But of course, when I hear the word “matte gloss”, I NEEDED to know more. When the tube was handed to me, it looked just like any other tube of liquid lipstick. I swatched it on my left hand, and at first glance, it was intensely pigmented and shiny, almost lacquer-ish. Believe me when I say that the swatch, albeit dry, had made it through a shower and a face cleansing routine. I wore it to work, the next day, and oh. my. God. I just needed one swipe for a super polished pout. The wand is super easy to navigate on your lips and the formula is quite lightweight, if you ask me. I must say, though, that it dries down slightly, which didn’t really bother me. I also didn’t need a touch-up—something I always end up having to do. TBH, with the price point, the Nykaa Matte Gloss Full Cover Lip Gloss is something I will be reaching for, every now and then.”

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