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Why Is The Pond’s Age Miracle Whip Cream An Essential Buy?

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ponds age miracle cream

One of the most talked-about ingredients that have transformed the skincare industry with its firming and anti-ageing superpowers is retinol. For those not aware, it is an over-the-counter version of retinoids (a Vitamin A-based chemical compound known to treat wrinkles and acne) is a hardworking elemental ingredient that seeps into deeper layers of your skin and heals its elasticity. Personally, I did have my reservations initially. It took me a while to add retinol to my skincare because I was a bit sceptical about using such a powerful chemical regularly. But when I finally got myself to jump on the bandwagon, I instantly understood the hype—mixed with skin-soothing and nourishing ingredients, retinol has truly delivered younger, healthier skin.

What finally convinced me, you ask? It was the Pond’s Age Miracle Whip Cream, the master of anti-ageing formulas. A perfect concoction of powerful ingredients (including retinol), promises greater cell renewal ability, strengthening skin barrier and collagen-boosting. It comes in a little tub powered with prebiotics, hyaluronic acid, and pentavitin among other ingredients, making it a powerhouse for skin health. So, I put this product to the test and documented my experience. Below, why I feel this hardworking whip cream deserves a spot in your skincare kit too.

Wears Many Hats

It’s an amalgamation of skin-loving ingredients that beautifully complement each other. With retinol C and prebiotic extracts, this cream helps energise the skin and makes it firm. Prebiotics helps strengthen the skin barrier. Milk essence and vitamin B3 ensures bright, and soft skin while the hyaluronic acid and pentavitin present in the formula really hydrates my skin, making this one of my current favourites because it offers so many benefits.

No Grease, Please!

It’s so lightweight that it quickly absorbed into my skin right after application. I use it at night too, right before I hit the bed because it's super non-greasy and does not get my pillow all messy. I literally woke up to plump, hydrated and soft skin.

One For All

It suits all skin types including combination, and sensitive skin (hurrah for everyone that is acne-prone like me). It can be layered with sunscreen as well. It is perfumed though, so I recommend taking a patch test before you try it just to be safe.

Easy On The Pocket

It is priced at ₹299 only. The little tub is perfect to carry in your purse while for your travel too.

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