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Why Should You Try The Kay Beauty Illuminating Primer Drops

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kay beauty illuminating primer

December dreaming — quiet stars adorning the night sky, the cool breeze that rustles the leaves and the general merriment that consumes us all! Yes, I have commenced my countdown to the holidays! Using the sense of anticipation and excitement as fuel to drive my life through the uneventful days — making elaborate holiday plans, revamping my living space to ape the cottage core aesthetic and, most importantly, a mood board for the myriad of looks that I plan on donning at numerous parties.

As a woman of 20-something, who has a profound passion for makeup, I look forward to curating intricate beauty looks for the party season! I use it to parade looks that are an extension of my imagination, a couple of recreations from raging trends and go all out. To help this detailed vision reach fruition, a non-negotiable prerequisite is a solid base. As we know a smooth canvas is integral for layering the makeup and ensuring the products sit better on the face. That is why I start by applying a layer of hydrating moisturiser, top it off with some primer to blur any scars or blemishes and once my foundation is on and even — a twinge of glimmer to bring the glam to life! This cumulates into the desired dewy base that I like to flaunt for the holiday season, the makeup mimicking the lit-from-within holiday glow!

Although I love the power a good glow stick wields, it cannot hold a candle to the LIT from with radiance that healthy skin emanates. So, while surveying the market for a product that could grant my skin a luminous gleam, I stumbled upon the new Kay Beauty Illuminating Primer Drops. A multipurpose offering powered with Hyaluronic acid (a powerhouse of hydration), it deeply nourishes the skin while also delivering an immaculately smooth surface! A triple threat- primer, glow giver and hydrating agent in one gorgeous bottle with a screw cap and dropper. Ahead I further elaborate on my experience with this product.

My Honest Takeaway

I am an ardent fan of the Kay Beauty range. Their commitment to levelling up by producing makeup that satiates the skin, is commendable (unbiased opinion). This is why I was excited to get my hands on this offering. First impressions: The product is available in four spectacular colours: Golden Twist, Moonlight Mambo, Champagne Shimmy and Rosey Twirl.

hydrating primer

I turned to the shade, Rosey Twirl since I love the natural flushed look for a night of partying. The texture of the formulation is smooth and didn't suffocate my face. Now, comparing the primer drops to a strobe cream would be like comparing apples and oranges, but nevertheless — the primer drops gave my skin an iridescent glow. Similar to an effect that a strobe cream usually delivers. But these primer drops proved to be a lot lighter and their application, prior to donning a full face of foundation, was very breezy. What I sincerely appreciate about the Illuminating Primer Drops is how it makes my life easier. Dabbing just a few drops of this formula, administers an even base for the foundation to sit (no more layering!). This vegan product didn't clog my pores (a problem I have faced in the past with highlighters and strobe creams) and made my skin exceedingly supple. A wonder offering — I would make the most of these primer drops for the model-like-glow, this holiday season!

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