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Why You'll Love Lakme's Absolute Matte Range

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Lakme’s Absolute Matte Lip Color is quickly becoming a favorite because it offers the best of both worlds – the deep, saturated payoff of a matte with a creamy soft consistency that doesn’t dry up your pout.  That’s because the formulation is infused with nourishing Argan Oil that helps it sit comfortably on your lips while imbuing them with decadent color. What more could you ask for from your lipstick?
The range spans twelve colors that lend themselves to any kind of look in the book - whether you’re looking to go bold, subdued or somewhere in between.
Picking between them is tough, but our Absolute Matte lipstick look guide should help you make the right decision. 
A full face of makeup is great for the days you have time, but sometimes, you need a quick fix. Skip the languorous eyeshadow blending, strobing and contour and go with a strong, statement pout that’ll make up for the lack of anything else.
Get yourself easy, French-girl glam with a swipe of Red Extreme; a summery pop pout with Orange County or a broody, old-glam look with Delicious Plum.
Editor Hack: Given the saturation and brightness of these hues, you can achieve a whole look with just a simple swipe – just use volumizing mascara to open up your eyes, define your brows and let the pout speak for itself. 
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Makeup for work can be tough – you want to look good and put-together, but not go over-the-top and lose credibility with a caked-up face or bright, distracting colors. Either way, you shouldn’t have to compromise.
Pick Brunch Nude for subtle, every day glam at the office; use Royal Rust for that important appointment or interview, and wear Chocolate Brownie for an after-hours meeting.
Editor’s Hack: Complement your subtle lips with peach or pink blush and a shimmery nude eyeshadow that can be edged out with a deeper brown for the afterhours.
Whether it’s fuchsia, bubble-gum or dust, a feminine, flirty pink never goes out of style. The right shade of pink immediately lifts your skin tone, and there are so many fun looks you can create around a single shade. 
Rose Pink is a gorgeous, bright but neutral color for a brunch date; Petal Pink works as an everyday, pick-me-up for fairer skin tones; while Orchid Pink is the bold, unapologetic choice for a gig or night-time do. 
Editor’s Hack: Wear your cool-toned pinks with silver liner or eyeshadow for a super-mod look, and pair deeper hues with bronze or gold eyeshadow that will further brighten your complexion.  
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Why You'll Love Lakme's Absolute Matte Range - 5
Learning how to strike the perfect balance with your makeup is a hard-earned skill, but it’s made easier when you have a versatile, ‘not too much, but not too little’ shade to work with as your base. Once the pout’s in place, you can amp it up or tone it down as you please.
Rouge Splash is one of those – layer it up or down for day and night; wear Sinful Cherry as a sheer, just-bitten pout, or Berry Boost as the ‘berry’ on top of an otherwise muted face.
Editor’s Hack: The formulation on these means you tweak textures for any look you want, whether you’re topping it up with gloss, dabbing it in the centre for a natural pop, or harnessing the full glory of its payoff for a striking pout.
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