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Let me paint you a picture: You wake up on the right side of the bed. “Power” by Kanye West is playing in the shower. You’re pumped and motivated for this day. Today is the day you’re going to kill that task list. You want to channel a strong yet elegant Dita Von Tesse vibe (very 50s)- a bold red lip and a classic winged liner and grab this day by its horns. You’ve watched all the hacks, you’re armed with your eyeliner and your favourite beauty guru’s voice is resonating in your head. You start out strong. But, 15 minutes in after wrestling with the brush you still don’t know how to do a winged eyeliner.  Shedding tears and ending up with racoon eyes, you give up, defeated, looking longingly at Adele and Ariana Grande’s pictures.
Lining your eyes perfectly is no easy feat and requires more than a steady hand. It requires patience and a ton of practice. With so many hacks and tricks out there, zeroing in on the one that works for you is a personal preference and quite frankly, confusing as hell! However, for those who are noobs, we’ve got makeup artist to the stars, Namrata Soni to break down that perfect winged liner, so you don’t have to wing it anymore.

Scroll to check out the winged eyeliner tutorial and tips for the perfect winged eyeliner look every time.

What you need: Gel Liner, Tapered Brush, Patience, Confidence
Start by stretching the eyelid and applying the eyeliner onto the centre, keeping your brush steady at an angle. Continue applying it towards the outer corner of your eye.  
Once you’ve lined half your eye, start by applying the liner towards the inner corner. Join both halves in the middle, and you will have a softy lined eyelid.Ensure there are no gaps between the liner and your lash line.  
Here’s Namrata’s trick: Lift your brow and use the end of it as your guide. Start tapering your liner towards the tip your brow, for that delicate and dainty wing. Try small, clear strokes to begin with, but once you’re a pro, you’ll be able to do it in a single swipe.
Perfecting the winged liner is an important skill in your makeup repertoire. You can create a TON of looks using it, or you could just sport it by itself. And psst.. it’s perfect for those days when you just CAN’T.

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