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Winter warriors for incredible, glowing skin

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First off, get rid of all those greasy light-weight products for potent moisture-infused formulations. Choose deep-hydrating treatments such as the one’s listed below to save yourself from alligator-skin nightmares.

Here are the must-have winter skin care products:

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Cream Cleanser

Swap over-the-counter drug-store facewashes during cooler weather for ultra-hydrating cream cleansers. This at-home mini professional treatment from the house of Olay, speeds cells’ natural regeneration in two ways. First, pure oxygenated derma-beads gently remove dry, dead skin. Second, the rich, thick creamy formula regenerates the face surface to detoxify it. With an exclusive amino-peptide + B3 complex the miracle-worker also strengthens your moisture barrier while renewing the skin’s outer layer one cell at a time.

Rich Hydrator

This baby pink, non-greasy cream is the ultimate skin slaker. Lather it on generously to skip any wintry skin stresses -  be it scaly patches, flaky itches or even redness. Infused with a highly efficient ingredient complex Pro-Vanish, the formula neutralizes melanin production at the source for a visibly fairer skin tone. It’s long lasting moisture locking system provides intense replenishment and full-spectrum UV filter protection. Getting rid of blemishes, darkening and skin dehydration was never this easy!
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Moisturizing Masque

If the sub-zero temperatures have you feeling a little too blue, pack on this tropical combination to float away to a sunny, scented heaven. Blended with fruit extracts such as coconut oil, coconut water, cocoa seed butter, papaya, pineapple and aloe vera, the formula settles deep into the skin surface for a smoother, suppler, healthier complexion. Apply this fun mix religiously every fortnight to tackle extreme dryness. You won’t fret for too long once you’re covered in its sweet aroma that lingers on and on.

Facial Spritz

There’s nothing more refreshing than a quick pick-me-up face mist. While it’s common to assume soldering summers are the cause for moisture loss, science has proven otherwise. That frigid winter weather is as devastating too, completely stripping you off your usual oil secretion. Enter, Yves Rocher’s Pink Grapefruit Vitamin Face Mist. This small easy-to-carry spray fits almost anywhere for an instant perfumed cocktail for parched skin. Free from parabens, alcohol and essential oils, it revitalizes the face any time of day.
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Moisturizing Creme

This unsurpassed classic is for you and your entire family. The creamy potion in this small blue tin works magic and leaves it's signature fragrance behind. It is free from preservatives, dermatologically tested. Use it as a day or night cream, eye make up remover or an aftershave, this product will not leave any opportunity of nourishing your skin. Can this get any simpler and better?

Overnight Essential

 It’s a well-known fact that skin cells repair themselves overnight. Hence, once a week douse yourself in this triple action night care, enriched with Aquabioryl to infuse moisture for a flawless face. Let it work its magic, nourishing and replenishing skin as you catch up on those much-needed hours of beauty sleep. What’s more? It’s cool, soft texture envelops the surface with a pleasant smelling, soothing spa-like sensation.
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There you have it, top winter care secrets for lit-from-within luminous skin!
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