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With Iba Cosmetics, We’re Talking Makeup With A Conscience

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The good news is that we’ve finally started looking beyond the frivolity of makeup and focusing on the bigger picture instead. Don’t get us wrong, our eyes still light up with glee at the sight of a brand-new highlighter in the beauty aisle but now we’re quick to check if an animal is paying the price for our glazed cheekbones.

Brand Story

While names like Serena Williams and Madonna have joined the vegan fam very lately, a beauty brand began this all-important conversation much ahead of its time, in 2014 in fact. When two sisters quit their well-paying jobs in the US and shifted their focus to the need for ethical beauty, Iba Cosmetics was born. India’s first and widest range of halal and vegan beauty products, only the purest and most potent natural ingredients go into the making of all Iba products. Imagine a vanity kit completely free of animal-derived ingredients, alcohol, sulphates, and parabens. Ideal, right?

What Is Halal?

While we are aware of what no animal testing implies, most of us are curious about what ‘halal’ means and why we could possibly need it. Let us elaborate. Considered as the ultimate stamp of approval in Islam, Muslims all around the world consider halal as a way of life. Not only is the consumption of pork and alcohol considered forbidden, those abiding by the religion are also expected to ensure that all topical products they use are devoid of non-halal, animal derived ingredients. Certified by Halal India, an independent body recognized by the Government of India, every ingredient used by this responsible brand is approved by Islamic law.

Halal For All

You follow a faith that does not relate to the concept of ‘halal’, we get it. But to think of it, Iba Cosmetics goes way beyond religious boundaries. To be honest, following an ethical, all-inclusive way of life has multiple benefits and zero drawbacks. In a world where more than a 100 million animals die of animal testing each year, opting for PETA certified products is your way to do your bit for the environment. If that’s not motive enough to make a conscious change, think of all the difference that organic ingredients will bring to your regular beauty concerns.

Well, for starters, we’ve handpicked some of the brand’s bestsellers to curate a crackling yet conscious makeup look. We’re talking on-point makeup that won’t send you on a guilt trip.

It’s Prime Time

We’re not gonna harp on the importance of a makeup primer, you’re expected to know that by now, hon. Anyway, coming straight to the point, start by prepping your face with the Iba Halal Care Photo Perfect HD Face Primer. Rich in Argan extracts and Vitamin E, trust this lightweight and oil-free gel formula to instantly mattify your complexion for an HD finish that lasts so much longer that an un-primed base

Found Your Foundation?

It’s your lucky day if you’ve been looking for a vegan foundation that packs in SPF too. Suitable for all skin types, the Iba Halal Care Pure Skin Liquid Foundation boasts of a blendable, full-coverage formula that also happens to pack in the moisture quotient of Aloe. You also got SPF15 that gives you basic sun protection, along with five shades so no way you’re not finding your match. Add to that a satin finish that stays put all day and we’re sold.

A Pact With The Compact

Time to set all that hard work you just put in over the last fifteen minutes. Powder up pretty with the Iba Halal Care Perfect Look Long-Wear Mattifying Compact. The ideal finish to your base, we’re talking oil-free, even coverage that stays shine-free till the end of day. Like big brother above, this baby here also packs in the sun protection of SPF15 and the nourishment of Vitamin E as a bonus.  

Line Them Peepers

Face done, onto the eyes now. For this look, we’re keeping it rather simple. Start with decking up your upper lash line with the Iba Halal Care Long Stay Liquid Eyeliner. With a quick-drying, high pigment formula and a fine-tipped applicator, precise lining will no longer take five ‘fresh starts’. The best part though is that this waterproof formula loves sensitive eyes as much. Ladies with lenses, take note. 

All Kohled Out

Of course, we’re not letting you step out without eyes brimming with kohl, are we? On that note, did you know the Iba Halal Care All Day Kohl Kajal has an intense 24-hour claim that we’ve tested and loved? Yep! Enriched with Jojoba Oil, this waterproof formula is ophthalmologically tested and delivers a killer black finish with a single stroke. Phew, that’s mad. 

Love Thy Lipstick

We love how a good lipstick has the power to turn you into a dazzler with a single swipe. And one of the most important aspects of a great lipstick is, of course, the formula. Which is why, we’re ardently rooting for the Iba Halal Care Maxx Matte Liquid Lipstick. 100% transfer-proof, matte pigment that nourishes your pout from within, thanks to Argan and Marula Oil. Pick from 12 hot shades for maximum color and minimum drying.
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