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A Psychiatrist Explains Why Women Struggle To #JustSayThanks To Compliments

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Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words when complimented? Are compliments often dodged or met with deflection? This Women’s Day, Nykaa encourages you to #JustSayThanks!
A Psychiatrist Explains Why Women Struggle To #JustSayThanks To Compliments

Can’t take a compliment? You’re not alone. As per a survey conducted by Nykaa, 64% of women across India are uncomfortable accepting compliments – they tend to doubt themselves, underplay their achievements, deflect the compliment, compliment in return, or not believe it at all.* Why so? Do women not trust praise? Are they inherently self-critical? Or does accepting a compliment come at the risk of sounding narcissistic? Dr Trupti Vedpathak, Consultant Psychiatrist, divulges the many possible reasons why it’s oh-so-hard for women to #JustSayThanks.

“In certain cultures, women are conditioned – right from childhood – to be humble and modest. Meanwhile, those who are filled with pride and voice their opinions blatantly are labelled ‘arrogant’. Hence, many women tend to deflect praise and draw attention away from themselves, in the fear of being singled out,” Dr Vedpathak reveals.

“Then there are those who lack self-worth and view themselves from a skewed, negative lens; they believe they aren’t good enough and are undeserving of praise, no matter how hard they try to convince themselves or others. Such women tend to deflect compliments and downplay their achievements by transferring credit,” she adds.

She also states that women may be more receptive to compliments from strangers, as there is no burden to live up to their expectations once the compliment has been given. “When you are complimented by someone you know, you may feel obligated to prove them [or yourself] right – or strive to be even better. Compliments should be viewed as positive feedback from others; it’s their outlook on how they perceive you in terms of your appearance, skills, personality, or possessions,” Dr Vedpathak concludes.

Women must realise that they’re worthy of praise. They should feel more deserving of kind words and own the compliments they receive. Here’s the real experiment: try responding with a gracious, “Thank you” to everyone. Feel good about yourself; you’re amazing – just deal with it.

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*From an all-India survey conducted by Brand Value among women aged 18-35 years (n=1043)

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