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Word Of Mouth: Lip Trends & Textures We Loved This Year

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‘90s GLAZE

You might’ve last seen a shiny pout on ‘90s pop teeny bops, but gloss came back in all its nostalgic, high-shine glory this year. Still haven’t tried this lip trend? Well, it’s about time you do!
If you want to downplay bolder colors and still get a bit of pop, use a tinted lip balm for a just-bitten stain. Transparent gloss coated over your regular matte can amp the shine in an instant. And if you have thin lips, you might want to take a note from gloss boss, Jenny from the Block with her staple nectary nude, overdrawn pout.
Best for: Thin or dry lips
Sexiest shades of the year: Nude, just-bitten pink, high-shine reds or berries


2017 saw some future freakiness with metallic and glittery lips, taking our party looks to a whole new level. From frosted, burnished, iridescent and glittery– high-voltage pouts ruled the runways.
There’s no better time than the festive season to get away with being extra with your pout. Beginners can start with a sheer, iridescent or frosted texture for a more subtle sparkle. If you have fuller lips, use a metallic lipstick in the centre of your lips and define it with a matte lip pencil around the edges – but if you want to add plumpness, go full-monty with a high-coverage coat or loose glitter all over.
Best for: Drama and dimension
Sexiest shades of the year: Burnished brown, blood-red glitter, frosted pink and metallic purple.
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Word Of Mouth: Lip Trends & Textures We Loved This Year - 3


If you’re one of the stalwarts who stuck with your beloved through every crazy lip trend, you’d be happy to know a good matte never goes out style, no matte-r the passage of time.
Over time, there’s plenty more textures for a picky girl to choose from – from crayon to liquid and high-definition to hydrating formulas that won’t further dry out parched lips. The great thing about mattes is that they’re almost always long-lasting with a super pigmented payoff. Loyalists will already know that the perfect matte pucker involves lots of hydration – so make sure to use a good balm or lip scrub before you go in with the lipstick.
Best for: Long-lasting, high-pigment coverage
Sexiest shades of the year: Burnt sienna & summery corals, fuschia pink & rosy nudes, wines


Can’t decide on a finish? Crème and satin textures remain the perfect compromise for those who want gloss, but not too much, and pigment without being overpowering.
For those traveling down the silk route, subtlety is key. If your lips get too dry under a matte, these hybrids are perfect because they sit weightlessly while offering a moisturized, plump pucker. Use a lip liner along with your crème lipstick to prevent bleeding and build over it to saturate the color. If you’re looking for a soft stain, satin lipsticks offer better pigment than balms without overpowering your look.
Best for: Buildable coverage & a hydrating finish
Sexiest shades of the year: High-shine maroons and berries, peachy nudes and soft pinks
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