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Work it 9-5!

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Work-wear. These two words put together can easily kill a heady fashion buzz. Experimenting with fashion at work-places is either ridiculed, gossiped about or looked down upon (unless you work for a high-flying fashion mag or a really cool media house). Well, ladies turn that frown upside down!

Flaunt your inner fashionista even at your revered place of earning bread and butter by letting these super-sexy, gorgeous women of the small screen inspire you to make a fab style statement!

dress like a waldorf!

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Remember the time Blair Waldorf bagged a coveted internship with W Magazine? She definitely made us swoon with each and every outfit that she planned and plotted in! Brocade could very well have been her middle name. She rocked some super-fancy metallic jackets and pants that are now etched on our fashion radars forever. You can too now, if you are lucky enough to have bagged a hot-shot job in the world of fashion!

hustle a la rachel zane!

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Pretty paralegal, Rachel Zane in Suits not only has brains but also a killer wardrobe. Her style is effortlessly chic, consisting of pencil-skirts, smart shirts and to-die-for bags! Check out how easy breezy it is to take a leaf out of her wardrobe.

turn up some canadian charm!

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We have a serious girl-crush on oh-so-pretty Robin Scherbatsky. Her casual workplace attire is extremely manageable and a perfect fit for women on the go! Team up a cute blouse with formal trousers or just don a sheath dress in a bold color and conquer the world!

kick ass like detective kate beckett!

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Agenda: Power Dressing. Level: Kate Beckett. Don high collared shirts with aplomb in soft colors and throw on a boyfriend jacket over it (if the weather permits) for that extra dash of power!

got it? flaunt it like mindy!

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Spruce up your Fri-yay dressing like our home girl, Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project. We absolutely adore her sense of style and her superpower to bring the right amount of quirk to any ensemble she wears!
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