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Working Late? How To Stay Safe

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As opposed to the workplace scenario a decade ago, night shifts are no longer a rarity. It’s commonplace for IT professionals to burn the midnight oil, even working night shifts on a regular basis. However, unlike men, women are always at greater risk. Every other day, the newspapers carry reports of women being accosted while being driven home from work or by night guards in their buildings. Here are some security solutions that every female employee and her employers should undertake.
For The Employee:
  • Apart from the emergency helpline number, each female professional working beyond late should have the contact details of at least three senior members within the organisation on speed dial.
  • You should remain alert at all times. No matter how exhausted you are, dozing off in the cab is a huge no-no.
  • Safety is both your and your employer’s responsibility. Be it day or night, mastering self-defence techniques, carrying a pocket-knife or pepper spray, and keeping two trusted people constantly informed about your whereabouts are ways to ensure your safety.
  • If danger lurks inside the office, don’t take it quietly. Stand up for yourself and raise an alarm with the management before it’s too late.
For The Employer:
  • Just providing free-of-cost pick and drop facility isn’t good enough. The organisation should also do a thorough background check of all pool or cab drivers. Every female employee and her immediate family should have the contact number of the cab driver.
  • The route of the pickup and drop facility should be decided by higher authorities only. Any driver who randomly takes a different route should be reprimanded. Also, it should be ensured that no woman is picked up first or dropped last.
  • Extra security guards should be deployed at night. In fact, one security guard should accompany female employees in the cab.
  • Every company should ideally have a travel desk that monitors the movement of vehicles. Women should be encouraged to call the helpline to report their safe arrival home. In case of any delays, the team should call up the employee on her mobile for confirmation.
  • Employment of women employees in the night shift should purely be on a rotational basis.
At the end of the day, your burden of your safety rests not just on your organization but on you as well. Stay smart and safe!
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