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Workout Secrets For A Superstar Bod by Namrata Purohit

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They say celebrities are genetic masterpieces effortlessly strutting bodies chiselled by the gods themselves. But we say, nothing comes easy, even if you’re a celeb. Scroll through Malaika Arora Khan’s Insta feed, and you will realise how hard the 40-something trains every day (when not stepping out, looking like a goddess); or how rapidly Kareena Kapoor Khan shed her pregnancy weight with a combination of Pilates and Cardio.
The fact remains, you can always defy age—and you don’t need divine intervention (or crash diets) to do that. Plus, the concept of fitness goes beyond weight loss. As Pilates expert and celebrity trainer Namrata Purohit reveals, “Fitness is a lot more than simply how you look. For me, fitness is not only physical but also mental. It involves being strong, flexible, having good balance, stability, agility, mobility, coordination as well as endurance; it also involves feeling and being healthy, happy and having a good amount of energy.”
Well, we will toast to that! (With protein shakes of course!)

Driving the point home, Purohit spills the beans on the celebrity fitness mantras and celebrity diet plans you need to follow to get that million-dollar body.

Who: Kareena Kapoor Khan

Pilates is responsible for Kareena Kapoor Khan’s fabulous post-pregnancy weight-loss. She’s often been spotted doing full body workouts with the Cadillac, Ladder Barrels and Jump Board. Purohit reveals, “Kareena is a pure Pilates Girl. She absolutely loves the reformer and we train on it as often as possible. She does Pilates four to five times a week and cardio twice a week.”
Diet: Kareena’s diet consists of vegetarian meals including a mix of soups, fresh salads, dals (pulses), khichdi and fresh fruits.
Pro tip: Since Pilates can be customised, you will never get bored. There are more than a 1000 exercise to pick from. Anybody can do Pilates regardless of their age, body type, injuries and gender. What’s more? You can even do pre-natal or post-natal Pilates.

Who: Malaika Arora Khan

The svelte dusky beauty is the poster child of post-40 fitness. “Malaika has been training with me for almost five years now,” says Purohit. “She understands fitness and her body very well. She does Pilates three to four times a week and sometimes even more, if time permits. She loves working out and aims to be the fitter each day”.
Diet: The gorgeous lady starts her day with a glass of warm water with lemon. Breakfast is usually a bowl of fresh fruits with upma/idli/poha or multi-grain toast with egg whites. Lunch and dinner consist of chapattis, grilled vegetables, chicken, sprouts and warm soups. She also snacks on protein shakes, bananas and peanut butter sandwiches in between meals.
Pro Tip:Train smart! It isn’t about spending hours working out, but training right. Remember, it is always quality over quantity. Never compromise your diet; eat well! Don’t eat less and eat enough nutritious food.

Who: Sonakshi Sinha

If her latest photos are anything to go by, Sonakshi Sinha has been looking super toned with a chiselled face and flat abs. Namrata Purohit elaborates, “Sonakshi started off with doing cardio in the form of boogie bounce or treadmill three to four times a week, Pilates thrice a week and electric muscle stimulation once a week. Sonakshi has become very fit, but there’s no stopping yet. We are going to work even harder and achieve a lot more!”
Diet: Sonakshi Sinha keeps her metabolism up, by eating small meals every two hours. She has cereals/oats and eggs for breakfast. Lunch is homemade roti-sabzi with salad. She snacks on fruits throughout the day. For dinner, she eliminates carbs altogether—just dal, vegetable and chicken/fish, keeping it fairly simple.
Pro tip:While designing a fitness routine, it’s essential to consider certain basic factors such as the person’s body type, goal, posture, and the time they have available in order to reach their goal. Also, to be fit you must eat well and exercise smart.

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