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You Asked, She Answered: Celebrity Mua Namrata Soni Gets Candid

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She’s become a household name. Not many makeup artists have been able to manage this feat. Whether you’re a makeup junkie or not, you’ve definitely heard of Namrata Soni. You may know her as Sonam Kapoor’s makeup artist. And her Instagram feeds may prove to be your moodboard for various occasions. She is the last word in beauty. At least in India. So today, we’ve got all your questions answered by the expert. Ready to get all her first-hand makeup secrets? We sure are.

BB: I am attending a wedding and will be wearing a lilac sari. What should my lipstick and eye shadow be?

Namrata Soni: “I think a lovely pink lipstick in shades of fuchsia or baby pink beautifully complement lilac. Keep your eyes a pearly iridescent shade. Smoky purple eyeliner goes well with lilac. You can complete the look with a soft pink blush high on the cheekbones to balance the look. The idea is to look classy not overdone.”

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BB: I have a yellow undertone to my skin. Which colors of lipsticks and hair color are right for me?

Namrata Soni: “Use a color with an orange tint. You could even use a burgundy shade or red or pink lip color with orange undertones. As far as hair color is concerned burgundy and red complements yellow skin undertones. Avoid using deep red, mahogany or blonde hair color or highlights because they can make the skin look sallow.”

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BB: My nose is rather large and distinctive. How can I make it look slimmer?

Namrata Soni: “Buy a foundation that is a couple of shades darker than your regular color. Apply a dab starting from the top of your eyebrow down the length of the nose along the bridge right to the tip. Blend it in downwards. Then powder with some translucent powder to set it. Your nose will look instantly slimmer.”

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BB: I have long hair, and hate tying it up. What can I do with it during office hours?

Namrata Soni: “You could use attractive hair accessories like hair bands to dress up your look and keep your face clear. Alternatively, you could make braids with the front sections and tie them back. It’s a stunning, chic day look that also works for the evening.”

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BB: My hair tends to look lanky in the summers. How can I give it body?

“Use a good quality volumizing shampoo that’s specifically designed for fine hair. It will give your hair natural volume along with cleansing it and removing dirt, oil and residue. Such shampoos help flat hair to look full again by giving it body and shine. Avoid heavy conditioners because they can weigh hair down, making it look dull and lanky.”

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