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Your Daily Coffee Fix: Nykaa's New Wanderlust Coffee Range Is A Treat For The Senses

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kareema barry

A spring in my steps and a song on my lips, a cup of steaming coffee in the morning does that to me. Ngl, a brew is the only thing that can lure me into leaping out of bed, without hitting snooze on my alarm. No, I am not overplaying my feelings here for effect. But, I mean it when I say— relishing the first few sips, with the aroma wafting from my coffee mug that wraps me in all its glory, awakens my mind and rejuvenates my soul. This is why I was ecstatic to learn that Nykaa’s Wanderlust is introducing a new range of coffee-imbued products. Since I think of coffee every waking minute, it only made sense to get my hands on these offerings. This range, which is a treat for all the senses, brings the sprawling coffee plantations of Ethiopia to your shower. Curated with love and intention: ‘the essence of a coffee experience’ has been bottled in six different products that can teleport to your happy place. Personally, reliving the experience of sitting in quaint coffee houses, and reading a good book without a care in the world, gave me an instant rush! Also, the body milk in this line —crafted with coffee beans and green tea is my new favourite. Enough from me though, I asked some of the leading influencers to share their thoughts on the stellar products! Read more to find out what they think.

“ I love the new Wanderlust Coffee range, as it reminds me of being in a cosy cafe. The rich textures and exquisite scent of coffee makes me so happy! I also am a big fan of the packaging, the bottles are sturdy which makes it great for my travel vanity.”

“ For someone who is a big fan of coffee, this range is a dream come true. The goodness of coffee for nourishment of your skin? I am sold. The packaging is ideal for travel! I love those coffee beans strewn over the label. My idea of spilling the beans(laughs).”

“ The texture is lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly! I am looking forward to elevating my bathing routine with these products.”

“ The scent of coffee is super refreshing and the luxuriant texture of these products! I would love to smell like coffee, first thing in the morning.’

Nykaa Wanderlust Ethiopian Coffee Hand Wash

Nykaa Wanderlust Ethiopian Coffee Body Butter

Nykaa Wanderlust Ethiopian Coffee Shower Gel

Nykaa Wanderlust Ethiopian Coffee Body Lotion

Nykaa Wanderlust Ethiopian Coffee Body Milk

Nykaa Wanderlust Ethiopian Coffee Body Scrub

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