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Your Dream Bod Is A Click Away On These Fitness Apps

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When buttoning your favorite pair of jeans (that you could once slip into without breaking a sweat) becomes your new cardiovascular activity, things have already gotten out of hand. And if the usual motivational elements – a cover photo of Kim Kardashian at her banging best, a hand curated playlist of the best workout music, or just the desperation to get rid of your newly acquired food baby – aren’t enough for you to not snooze your morning alarm, you need external help.

For all the hours of the day that you spend neck deep in your Instagram feed, here’s one additional hour that’ll help turn your button gaps into a thigh gap. Fitness apps are the fad and they’re damn effective, oh yes! But before you dive head-first into the app play store only to be flummoxed by the foot-long search results,

Check out our roundup of the best fitness apps in digitown.

1. Food Tracking Apps

There are those who watch what they eat, and then there are those who count what they eat. Yep, that sounds tedious, but calorie calculators make the job as easy as a hair flip. Nutrition trackers like HealthifyMe and MyFitnessPal have the biggest database of foods, both branded and homemade. Other similar options are MyPlate and LoseIt. Such body fitness apps help you to stop guesstimating your caloric intake and make more conscious, informed food choices. Also, the only way to have that plum cake and still not hit your calorie ceiling for the day. Yayy.

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2. Personal Training Apps

Since most of us can only dream of celebrity pay checks, whipping up a Katrina Kaif bod, sans a Yasmin Karachiwala is tough. If you’re a noob, in-pocket personal trainers are the closest you get to a one-on-one sweat sesh without shelling an exorbitant amount of moolah. Take baby steps towards strength training with StrongLifts, run towards your fitness goals with the Runkeeper, nail every asana with Pocket Yoga, or get coached by premium real-life crossfit trainers on GAIN. Oh, and the deal is inclusive of high-definition images, voice commands, progress reports, detailed fitness plans… you name it.

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3. Activity Tracking Apps

Between the first shot of caffeine on your way to work to the last shot of vodka with work buds, you got no time to squeeze in an hour of gym-class-today and we get it. But an overpacked life schedule is no reason to hit the snooze button on your body. Enter activity trackers, a tiny buddy that does so much more than just look pretty on your wrist. While basic apps like Google Fit and Leap Fitness count your steps and make sure you hit your minimum daily targets, advanced trackers like Fitbit practically monitors all your bodily functions – right from your sleep pattern to your menstrual cycle. Wow.

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4. Goal-Based Fitness Apps

Does an elaborate session at the gym every single day seems like a far-fetched idea? Time crunch is real, honey. Surrender to the HIIT hype that allows you to use your bodyweight to train anywhere. Think your most gruelling 7 minutes of the day with apps like Sworkit, Keelo and Seven. You gotta fit into that insanely tiny bikini for your holiday next month? Apps like 6 Pack Abs and 30-Day Bikini Body help you in transforming your short-term rad bod goals into reality. You can also choose to specifically target flabby areas with smart apps like 30-Day Plank Challenge or 30-Day Squat Challenge. These fitness tracker apps will help you achieve your goals in no time. Are you ready?

5. Overall Wellness Apps

An important aspect of being fit is realising that fitness isn’t only about the time you spend in your sweats. Look up from the scale and realize that it is, instead, your overall health that’s the end goal of the game. While Sleep Cycle uses your phone’s accelerometer to record the quality of sleep, Calm helps you destress with the correct breathing techniques, and Sattva draws you into the Vedic meditative life. And then of course there’s Plant Nanny that turns you into a virtual plant and sends you hourly reminders to drink water. You know like watering your digital potted self, geddit?

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