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Your Favourite Digital Stars Talk About PCJ’s Anomaly And Why They’re Switching To The Hair Care Label

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anomaly haircare review

Two weeks ago, my regular hair care routine deviated from its clichéd standards. One little switch in my lifestyle made me embrace my natural hair quality like never before. I had heard the phrase ‘you, but better’ previously, but the day I started using Anomaly was when I started really believing in it.

Forgive the extra passion, but the transformation was truly evident. My hair became softer, more manageable, hydrated to the point of saturation, and bouncier. I won’t lie, my hair was quite nice, to begin with, but these products pushed it a notch further towards perfection. My two cents: the vegan ingredients steeped in plant-based proteins were the wavering factor and as a result, I fell in love with these formulations.

When I turned up at the office this week (with compliments flooding my way with every hair flip—yes there were quite a few), I wanted to know if others had the same surprising reaction to Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ new hair care label. Anomaly dropped in hot in India and everyone around me had also made the same switch. I witnessed healthy curls and shiny, elaborate hairdos everywhere, which I knew were courtesy of the brand. I expanded my curiosity outside of my workplace and ended up contacting a few of the most loved hair and beauty influencers, and here’s what they had to say about PCJ’s Anomaly.

saachi bhasin

Saachi Bhasin (@saachi.bhasin)
Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Figure

“I have been a huge fan of Priyanka Chopra Jona. I think she has been a great global ambassador that we’ve all looked up to. She somehow makes everything effortless and elegant. So, when I heard that Anomaly is coming to India, I was more than excited. I’ve grown up watching her and I always wanted to know what her hair secrets were. Even when I would watch Vogue Beauty Secrets, I was fascinated by how she was into DIYs and clean beauty products and I knew she would bring a taste of it all in her label.

“I love that the brand offers clean products and the packaging is also made out of 100% plastic trash which I feel is such a great step to sustainability—and that’s something that really stood out to me. I’ve been using the Clarifying Shampoo For Deep Cleanse that’s worked great for my hair because I have tremendous oil build-up, and thin hair and I shoot almost every day which means I need something that thoroughly cleanses my hair. With this shampoo, I feel like I have a light, clean, happy head every morning. I even LOVE her leave-in conditioner. I like keeping my hair fresh and light when I style it, and this formulation is something that doesn’t grease my hair. Anomaly's products are definitely made with care.”

alisha pekha

Alisha Pekha (@theallyedit)
Beauty Digital Creator

“Anomaly hair care is finallyyyy here! Founded by Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Anomaly is dedicated to high performance and uses ingredients that are connected to India, something that made me connect with the label instantly. I’ve been eagerly waiting for the brand to be available in India. I tried the products and I can’t believe how it fits all hair types as well are crafted for both men and women! I love that it is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles as well. I love a brand that is clean and sustainable. You HAVE to get the leave-in conditioner, it made my hair so soft and bouncy. It’s definitely my favourite product from the collection.”

beauty blogger india

Kinjal Bhanushali (@kinjalshuklabhanushali)
Beauty And Fashion Creator

“I am going to start by saying I love the range very much. The USP of the brand is quite appealing. It actually leaves my hair feeling very pretty and moisturised! I personally loved how it hydrates my hair and makes it shiny. Another thing is they’re also priced very well so it doesn’t cost you a fortune and is meant for everyone!”

sone kanwar

Sone Kanwar (@sonekanwar)
Hair Care And Skincare Influencer

“I was really looking forward to Anomaly being launched in India because I remember seeing Priyanka Chopra unveil it on her page a year ago, and I thought to myself that yet again we’re missing out on something great launching in the US. I loved the packaging. It was so enticing—simple, classic, yet bold. It felt very unassuming and I felt that I needed to get my hands on it. Also, I have loved Priyanka Chopra for a long time. She’s so smart and witty, and in tune with herself. So, I remember feeling that if she put her name behind this label, it ought to be worthwhile.

When finally I tried her products, the very first thing that struck me was that so much attention was paid to the common pain points. I mean, we all need a gentle shampoo, especially if you wash your hair frequently like me. Also hydrating and clarifying your scalp and detoxifying it is another basic problem that Anomaly shampoos have solved. I really think that the products cater to everyone and there is something valuable in the formulations for all. Another thing that I loved was that the shampoo left my hair very soft. The leave-in conditioner is a stellar product that didn’t weigh my (long) hair down!”

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