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Your Guide On The Best Essential Oils For Skin

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essential oils for skin

What are essential oils, you ask? Well, these are highly concentrated extracts that are derived from plants and thus, capture the essence of those plants. The term ‘essential’ refers to the presence of essential amino acids that help maintain skin’s hydration, resilience and texture. Yay. Oh and they smell ah-mazing!

True, they offer a slew of benefits that align with your skin care (hair care as well) goals but each of these therapeutic liquids has its own thing going on. So, no two oils are exactly alike—and with each oil you unpack different perks. Your absolute go-to guide, ahead.

How To Use Essential Oil For Skin

Since essential oils are concentrated essences, it’s advisable to first do a patch test prior to using it on your face. You can rub a small amount of the diluted essential oil on the inside of your wrist and check if irritation occurs after a few hours. If your skin still appears normal, congratulations, the tiny bottle is officially yours for keeps!

Steps On How To Use Essential Oils On Face

  • Step 1: In a cup, add 15 drops of the essential oil and 6 tablespoons of a carrier oil (Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, or Sweet Almond Oil). This ratio will deliver 2.5% dilution.
  • Step 2: For direct application, dip a cotton swab in the solution and gently rub it in circular motions on your face. For indirect application, add drops of this solution to your serum, or toner and then apply.
  • Step 3: Blot with a tissue paper to absorb residual oil, if any.

P.S. If you are down to space out in a spa-like indulgence then load up your bath with a few drops of these aromatic oils, grab your favorite read and relax. Your skin will thank you for that.

Best Essential Oils For Skin

Below, the best essential oils for skin to be infused in your self-care routine hereafter.

1. Best Essential Oils For Glowing Skin

lemon essential oil benefits for skin

1. WOW Skin Science Lemon Essential Oil

If fixing dull skin features on your skin goals, then this one is the ONE. Saturated with the potent benefits of Lemon, the WOW Skin Science Lemon Essential Oil delivers antiseptic, antibacterial, and carminative properties. It fades pigmentations and restores your skin’s glow. Oh and the zesty, citrusy aroma offers an instant mood boost. Now we all could do with a little of that, don’t we?

2 Nykaa Naturals Rose Essential Oil

Need a pick-me-up? In addition to its cute glass container, the Nykaa Naturals Rose Essential Oil serves as a rapid treatment to bring life back to your skin. The anti-inflammatory and anti-aging elements in the liquid heal and protect skin. It also helps diminish scars and marks with regular use. Talk about propelling your skin to the picture of health.

2. Best Essential Oils For Dry Skin

essential oils for dry skin

1. Deve Herbes Pure Carrot Seed Essential Oil

When it comes to making the very most of your essential oil, you would want to look for a hydrating essence, like this one. The Deve Herbes Pure Carrot Seed Essential Oil stimulates the growth of new tissues thereby, promoting a clearer and evenly toned complexion. All of this without stripping away the natural oils and keeping your skin protected from sun damage. Courtesy? SPF infused Carrot Seed Oil.

2. Indulgeo Essentials Argan Oil

Parched skin? You'll appreciate this lightweight potion brimming with moisturizing Vitamin E, and healing Vitamin F. This pure oil derived from the seeds of Argan fruits found in Morocco, protects skin from damage and alleviates scars. And it’s not laced with any of the sketchy ingredients – silicones, alcohol and fragrance – so, you can be rest assured while adding it to your skin care ritual.

3. Best Essential Oils For Oily Skin

essential oils for oily skin

1. Deve Herbes Pure Rosemary Essential Oil

Be prepared to be swooned by this precious lilliput here. The Deve Herbes Pure Rosemary Essential Oil works as a gradual treatment for eczema, dermatitis, oily skin, and acne thanks to its antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities. P.S. On days when you are down with one of those hangover headaches, a quick massage with this savior will get you back on your feet in no time.

2. PRZ Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

The right pick of essential oils can be a bit tricky to figure out if you’ve got oily skin. That’s not to say these oils are barred for you, though: You just need to go for the one that controls sebum production like this one. The PRZ Ylang Ylang Essential Oil calms temperamental skin and promotes quicker healing. Heads up: Thanks to its anti-depressant and sedative properties, it could also lull you to a sound sleep. So, soak in the therapy prior to your bedtime.

4. Best Anti-Aging Essential Oils

best essential oils for skin tightening

1. Roots & Herbs Geranium Essential Oil

Extracted using steam distillation process from the Geranium plant, this therapeutic oil works as a holistic treatment to improve your physical, mental and emotional health. It minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines – the tell-tale signs of aging – while its distinctive floral aroma calms your senses. On a broader scale, the way we look at it, staying loyal to this tiny guy can release stress and slow down aging.

2. Luxura Sciences Concetrated Green Tea Essential Oil

The Luxura Sciences Concetrated Green Tea Essential Oil isn’t your average essential oil. Smooths fine lines and wrinkles? Check. Fades dark spots? Check. Hydrates and plumps skin? Check. Additionally, it’s enriched with antioxidants and minerals that boost collagen and promote healing. Everything aside, we just can’t get over how adorable it looks!

FAQs On Essential Oils For Skin

1. Suggest best essential oils for skin tightening.

  1. The Beauty Co. Rosemary Essential Oil
  2. Aroma Treasures Lemon Grass Pure Essential Oil
  3. Nykaa Naturals Citronella Essential Oil

2. What are the benefits of different essential oils for face? Please suggest some.

3. What are tea tree oil uses for skin. Recommend a few.

Tea tree essential oil treats acne, prevents infections, heals wounds, alleviates psoriasis and relieves dryness.

Nykaa Recommends: Organic Harvest Tea Tree Essential Oil, Indus Valley Bio Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil, Kama Ayurveda Tea Tree Essential Oil

4. Recommend carrier oils that can be used to dilute essentials oils for skin.

  1. Indus Valley Organic Olive Olea Europaea Oil
  2. Indus Valley Organic Sunflower Oils
  3. Aloe Veda Distil Virgin Coconut Oil
  4. Indus Valley Wheatgerm Carrier Oil
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