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Your Guide To A Safe Salon Experience

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salon safety post lockdown
Can anyone recall when their tryst with the beauty salon first started? For yours truly (and a lot of other people, of course) it was when we were teeny-tiny toddlers, accompanying our mothers to their haircut appointments. Cut to today, our love story with beauty salons continues, although it’s been soooo long since we’ve made a trip that it’s become more of a long-distance relationship. Excuse us while we’re being a tad bit overdramatic but going without an appointment for months on end is a nightmare, we never want to relive. For god’s sake, our split ends and tawny nails are screeching to love!
With all that is going on in the world, salons reopening is literally the second-best piece of news we have heard in this pandemic. The first would obviously be about a definite vaccine for COVID-19, but anyway. We are trying to contain our excitement about finally getting a haircut, but before you throw caution to the wind and throng to the salon, guidelines must be discussed.

First, let us talk to an industry expert to find out what salons are doing to operate safely.


Now, every salon may or may not do things a little differently. We spoke to Mr. Vikram Bhatt, Founder of Enrich Salon, to get a fair idea about what to expect. He alerts, “We have been using single use kits, towels, napkins, aprons, capes and sanitizers for quite some time. As a company we are doing everything to adopt a transition from fear to trust.” He went on to tell us about the various sensory sanitizer stations throughout the salons, personal protection kits provided to both customers and staff members, as well as the use of cartridge wax. He also mentioned time-to-time sanitizing sessions between services, and infrastructure changes such as partitions in the hair area and acrylic separators at nail stations and facial cabins.


Since we seek out their services, it is the responsibility of a salon to conduct services in the safest manner possible. But it does not just fall on their shoulders; we have got to take some of our own safety precautions to keep ourselves and others around us safe. Firstly, you CANNOT step out without a mask. This rule is not going to change, anywhere you go. Secondly, avoid touching things you do not need to, touching your face, or other people. Keep your hands to yourself, and you are good to go. We recommend a shower before a salon appointment, and post. Thirdly, keep a reminder to sanitize as often as possible, out and inside the salon. And finally, if you must make an appointment, give your favorite salon a call, and avoid walking in just to take an appointment. 


We cannot wait to head to the salon, but some of us REALLY couldn’t wait to book their first appointment. Sifat Shah, 29, loved her monthly visits to The Blowdry Bar, Churchgate in Mumbai, before the lockdown in March, and only just had her first appointment in early September. On asking about the safety measures taken by the salon, she replied, “I was a little apprehensive, but I prodded the salon on call, and they assured me complete safety. They also provide constant health measure updates on their social media, and so, I was convinced. My hairdresser got out a freshly sanitized pair of scissors for my haircut, and I was given a complete personal protection kit.” She also told us about the partition between her and the nail technician while getting her nails done. 
Ayesha Tamboowalla, 25, a Dadar resident in Mumbai, also visited her nearest Enrich Salon, and confirmed everything that Mr. Vikram Bhatt said above. She said, “All their equipment was freshly sanitized and my hair stylist especially, took great care to not touch anything else but his own equipment. Even the salon itself was well-kept and tidy. Overall, I felt like I was in a safe space.” 
We’re super grateful for salons taking the utmost care to keep us safe while we get our hair or nails done, but remember ladies, that it’s a two-way street. You need to be just as careful. So, stay safe but also enjoy that most-awaited manicure or hair wash.
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