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Is your favorite shade of lipstick you wore in college still with you? Do you keep dried up eyeliners or broken compact kits just in case they might come in use again? Or do you have 50 different shades of lip colors while you only use 3?

#WeRelate. We know how hard it is to ditch those trusty makeup kits. It doesn’t even bother us when we have to carry around a heavy-to-the-core makeup bag. But, let’s face it, it’s stupid!

Namrata Soni to the rescue. Celebrity makeup artist, the beautiful Namrata Soni, tells us the many ways we can sort out our kits and keep what we really need.

Beauty Book: How to de-clutter our makeup bags?

Namrata Soni: “Women have the most cluttered and disorganized makeup drawers, including me. It’s easy to fix the problem by making time, twice a year to simplify and organize your makeup drawers. I would dump all the contents of my makeup bags on the floor or the bed and start by taking a good look at what I have. I suggest discarding any makeup that’s gone bad — If it smells funny, has changed color, or has separated, it’s time to bin it — even if you love the shade or formula.”

BB: How to sort through makeup?

NS: “Transfer broken makeup to new containers. Liquid foundations can be poured into a different bottle; lipsticks with cracked caps can be put into a palette or a medicine box with day-of-the-week compartments (you can buy these at the chemist) and lip and eye pencils missing their caps should be stored in a Ziploc bag. However, I insist that any makeup that hasn’t been used in eighteen months should be thrown away. Makeup doesn’t last more than eighteen months to two years. If you bought it on a whim but haven’t tried it yet, gift it to friends who might.”

BB: What are the rules of picking the perfect (and only) foundation?

NS: “If you have more than one shade of foundation, try it on. Foundation should blend into your skin when applied on the side of your face. If you have more than one foundation for the same skin tone, it’s a waste. At most, you need two shades, one that matches your skin now, and one that will work when you have a tan.”

BB: How many lipsticks should we stick to and what kind?

NS: “Most women tend to buy far more lipsticks than they will ever wear. Women need to be realistic about the shades that they are likely to wear. Chances are you’re not going to wear the shade you bought to match the last Indian outfit you bought. Also buying a shade because your best friend did is a waste of money. Buy tried and tested shades that you can use. Imagine the color of your lips before buying it. Always have a red, orange and pink lipstick in cream or matte shades because you can always mix and match these to create your personalized color. Clear gloss is also a must for days when you want to add some oomph and drama to your style.”

BB: What are the must-haves for eyes and cheeks?

NS: “As far as eye shadow goes, I recommend three shades to make your eyes pop. Buy a base color like beige, gold and champagne that blends into your skin; a medium-toned lid color like brown, bronze, grey, forest green or taupe that doesn’t require blending; and a dark color such as black, brown or navy to use as a liner. Blush should instantly make you look healthy and pretty, not over-done. I own two shades, one that is the color of my cheeks when they’re flushed (like a soft pink) and a slightly brighter shade for a splash of color (like burnt orange).”

BB: What’s the one makeup kit ritual you follow without fail?

NS: “It’s crucial that all makeup accessories, from makeup bags and brushes to sponges and puffs are kept spotlessly clean. The best way to wash puffs and sponges at home are with a disinfectant like Dettol and cold water. To clean your brushes, buy a brush cleaner from any brand or simply cleanse with baby shampoo. Then lay them flat dry on a towel under the fan. Try to keep your makeup in boxes or woven baskets for easy access. Use cups for your brushes and pencils.”

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