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Your Perfect Guide On Types Of Eyeliners and How To Apply Them

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Eyeliner styles

Out of all the things that possess magical powers to glam you up in an instant, the eyeliner ranks first, hand down. But if your Google search history is all about ‘how to put on eyeliner’, consider today as the day when God answers your questions. Well, if you’re somebody who sweats it out at the slightest mention of an eyeliner, you’re in luck. We’re having the long-due discussion on all things eyeliner and you should join ASAP.

But first, before we go into the depth of eyeliner makeup tips, here’s a lowdown on all the different types of eyeliner out there. Go, take a pick of your choicest weapon of mass destruction.

We’ve all been victims to over plucking at the salon and realize that the growing-out phase will be long and tedious. Well, dial down the panic lady, because we’ve got you some tried and tested home remedies to up your brow game, sooner than usual. Promise us, you won’t revisit the same salon for a long time though.


Different Eyeliner Types

Best Eyeliner

1. Pencil Eyeliner

One of the easiest ways to nail eyeliner makeup is to swear by a soft-tipped pencil liner, since it works the same way as a kohl stick. It is great for makeup beginners and is also economical since you could use the same stick to darken your waterline. Also, if you’re a sucker for slightly smokey, smudged-on-purpose eyes, look no further.

2. Gel Eyeliner

Getting your hands on a pot of gel eyeliner is the wisest way to perfect almost all eyeliner designs. The task may seem daunting at first, but the brush will become your BFF once you get a hang of it. The best part about gel liners is that you need not worry about accidental eye rubs ‘cause this stays put right until you’re ready to wipe it off.

Best Gel Eyeliner
Best Liquid Eyeliner

3. Liquid Eyeliner

Most women are concerned about how to apply liquid eyeliner but here’s the real deal. Liquid liners are best known for their super-fine tips, that make precise, thinner strokes easier to achieve. If you’ve got butter fingers, a trusted liquid eyeliner will be a good formulation to start your eyeliner makeup with.

4. Sketch Pen Eyeliner

Blessed with one of the smartest eyeliner tips ever, a sketch pen liner has gained popularity recently. Designed like a fine-tipped sketch pen, all you need to do is glide it across your upper lash line. In fact, some amazing pens also boast of a slanted felt tip that’ll make you a pro at winging your eye in no time.

 Eyeliner Looks


Perfectly winged eyes have been and will continue ruling the world of eyeliner makeup. However, we still know women who get cold feet just thinking of having to tediously draw an even wing across both the eyes, probably ‘cause they still haven’t come across a fitting eyeliner makeup tutorial yet. But not until now! Here’s how you can rock one of one of the most popular eyeliner designs like a total diva.

How to Apply Eyeliner
  • You don’t start away with the blush or the highlighter without setting a strong makeup base, right? So why skip it for the eyes? An eye primer removes any discoloration around the eyes and smoothens the texture of your lids so that the products blend effortlessly. With the primer in place, we bet that your eye makeup will last all day long.
  • Next up, start tracing the upper lash line with your eyeliner Stay as close to lash line as possible and use smaller strokes. It’s easier to build up than having to start again from scratch, just in case you make a mess.
  • Now most women are confused about how angular should the wing ideally be. The correct way to do it is to draw it along an imaginary line joining the outer tips of your eye and your brow. Basically, your wing should point towards the outer end of your eyebrow.
  • Once you’re done with the base, it’s time to focus on the thickness of your liner, based on how bold you want the look to be. Keep in mind that a flattering liner should be thinnest at the inner end and thickest at the outer. And yes, the outer tip of your wing should be sharp and pointed. So, clean up any imperfections with a moist Q-tip for a super-refined wing.
  • Lastly, complement that killer wing with lashes to die for. Curl your eyelashes and apply two generous coats of mascara add that extra oomph to your peepers.


Well, the good part about eyeliner makeup is that you get to pick between different eyeliner styles every morning. Whether it’s a killer flick or a dramatic cat eye, we’ve listed down eyeliner looks that will add another level of oomph to your eye game.

1. Basic Eyeliner

If you’re a liner rookie, we’d say start by acing the basic liner look. Not only is the easiest to achieve and the best eyeliner for small eyes, it’s also the ideal 9-5 everyday eyeliner style. Using liquid eyeliner like Kay Beauty Liquid Eyeliner, draw a thin line along your upper lash line, staying as close to the lash line as possible. Finish at the outer corner of your eye. Quick with zero chances of a mishap!

Best suited for: Monolids

How to Put on Eyeliner
Winged Eyeliner

2. Winged Eyeliner

We know it, winged eyeliner is probably already your favorite. The fact that you can play around with the intensity of the wing as per your mood is honestly the best part of a winged liner. Now we understand that acing the wing can be stressful for some of you but that’s exactly why the winged eyeliner stamp is godsend. On that note, take note of the Nykaa Wing In A Blink Eyeliner Pen.

Best suited for:Most eye shapes

3. Graphic Eyeliner

Whether it’s geometric, dotted, a floating crease, or the negative space liner, graphic eyeliner styles have taken the makeup world by storm. Whether minimalistic dots are more your vibe or an edgy underliner enhances your look better, we love how easy these not-so-basic eyeliner styles are. All you need is a pro angled wand like the Wet n Wild ProLine Graphic Marker Eyeliner and you’re set.

Best suited for: Almond eyes

 Different Eyeliner styles
Cat Eyeliner

4. Cat Eyeliner

On nights when you’re out to stun, a precisely drawn cat eyeliner is your best bet. Mostly mistaken for a dramatic wing, a cat eyeliner also includes enhancing the inner corner of your eye and your waterline to mimic feline peepers. That’s also the reason why cat eye makeup looks bomb on eyes with lesser lid area. Oh, and just so you know, L'Oreal Paris Flash Cat Eye Eyeliner comes with its own removable wing stencil!

Best suited for: Hooded eyes

5. Colored/Glitter Eyeliner

Tired of all that black? We all are! If your eyes have been silently yearning for a pop of color, something that’s neither too subtle nor too dramatic, try a chic color from the Nykaa GLAMOReyes Coloured Liquid Eyeliner range. Go from work to play by drawing a glitter flick along your regular black wing using the Innisfree Twinkle Glitter.

Best suited for: All eyes shapes

 Eyeliner designs


Now that all your qualms about how to apply eyeliner by yourself are cleared, let’s finish up by answering some of the most frequently asked questions. Look out for our product recommendations that’ll help you in acing even the most difficult eyeliner styles.

Q: Can I apply eyeliner on the lower lash line or will the formula harm my eyes?

A: Yes, you can apply the same product on both your upper and lower lash line. If you have sensitive eyes, go for a herbal, ophthalmologically tested product like the Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eye Liner – Black.

Q. My eyes tend to water and smudge my kaajal. I want to use a more long-lasting formula, like my gel eyeliner, on the lower lash line. How to apply eyeliner like kohl without making them water?

A: Using your middle finger, lightly place it under your lash line and press softly. This will push your lash line down ever so slightly without pulling or tugging on the skin.

Q. Although I love my dusky skin, a black eyeliner doesn’t really show up. I was thinking about using colored liners but am not sure about which shade will add a pleasant pop of color to my eyes. Please help.

A: Colored liners are high on trend right now and there’s no reason why should shy away from them, irrespective of what your skin tone may be. The Nykaa GLAMOReyes Liquid Eyeliner in shades Dragon’s Heart and Poisonous Plum will make you look every bit of the delicious dusky babe that you are.

Q. I want to try the cat eye look. Is there a specific formula that you could recommend which would make the job easier?

A: How to use eyeliner for a deadly cat eye becomes easier when you’ve got the perfect product in hand. The L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H is one beauty that we would place our bets on.

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