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Your Perfect Guide On Types Of Eyeshadow and How To Apply Them

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How to Apply Eyeshadow

Ask any makeup enthusiast about the best way to add a pop of colour to her eyes, and she will faithfully point towards her eyeshadow palettes even before the question is over. Dressing up your eyelids with an assortment of makeup eyeshadow products is the most fun way to brighten up dull days.  

If you’re a sucker for vibrant eyelids but don’t how to apply eyeshadow, here’s the ultimate shadow bible.

But before we dig right into our eyeshadow tutorial, here’s a lowdown about the different types of eyeshadows out there.

Top 4 Types Of Eyeshadows

    Makeup Eyeshadow

  • 1. Powder Eyeshadow
  • The easiest to use of all makeup eyeshadow products, powder eyeshadow is super blendable and highly pigmented. Classified into loose powder and pressed powder, such eyeshadows are the ideal pick if you’re aiming at a look with multiple layers.

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  • 2. Cream Eyeshadow
  • Such eyeshadow formulations come in the form of pencils, pots, or crayons. Thanks to their creamy texture, this family of eyeshadows offer intense color payoffs. However, don’t apply them on oily eyelids or on sweaty days, or mix them with their contemporaries.

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    how to use eyeshadow
    eyeshadow tutorial

  • 3. Liquid Eyeshadow
  • Liquid eyeshadows are bottled in sleek tubes, just like lip glosses. Easy to play around and layer with, they dry super soon so might have to quicken the application process by a bit. We’d advise you to stay away from liquid formulations if you have oily lids, since it could lead to creasing.

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  • 4. Glitter Eyeshadow
  • These shimmer bottles are for experimental women who don’t fear going the extra mile with makeup. A major eye makeup hit across the globe, hypnotize peeps every time you bat an eyelid at that crazy, boozey all-nighter.

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    Makeup Eyeshadow- glitter eyeshadow

Seal The Shadow

Since most women still haven’t found the right answer to how to apply eyeshadow step by step, here’s an eyeshadow tutorial that will save your day.
  1. Since the look is all about playing around with your eyelid, an eye primer is of super importance here since it removes any discoloration and enhances the intensity of colors. It also smoothens the texture of your lids so that the products blend effortlessly.
  2. Next up, pick up an eyeshadow palette of your choice and start the layering. You can choose from a wide variety of formulations and textures, depending on what look you’re aiming for – matte, shimmer, satin, frost, or glitter. Start the application from the centre of the lid and sweep it towards both the inner and outer corners. Use darker shades of the palette at the crease to define the eye shape and lighter ones at the centre to give it the correct color pop. If you want to highlight the brow bone, go for the lighter shades and blend softly.
  3. Once you’re done with the shadow, get your hands on the eyeliner and line away. You can choose a subtle style or go for a killer winged liner.
  4. Now fish out your favourite kajal and line the waterline.
  5. Lastly, pick out the mascara and lash out your lashes ‘cause no eye makeup look is complete without enviable lashes.

You Ask, We Answer

Now that our tutorial about how to use eyeshadow is over, let’s focus on some of the most frequently asked questions about the world of eyeshadows.

Q. I love applying eyeshadows but get confused about which colors to select for which look. Please help.

A. This could be tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it in practice. Dig into the softer pinks, nudes, and browns for a daytime or office look and go with the more bolder hues from the palettes, like slate greys and electric blues for a high-on-glam night look.

Q. I always get confused while selecting the eye shadow colors. Should it match the color of my eyes or my clothes?

A. Going way too matchy-matchy is now a thing of the past and totally out of style. Experiment with colors that complement the color of your eyes and your clothes, instead of matching them. The overall look should be synchronized and flattering.

Q. I tried applying eyeshadow after completing my base makeup. But since I use powder eyeshadows, some product also ends up on my cheeks, making me redo my base. What should I do?

A. To prevent this from happening, we suggest you always complete your eye makeup first before proceeding with the rest of your face. If you still want to do it the other way around, opt for cream or liquid-based products.

Q. How to use eyeshadow if it is a glitter product?

A. It’s easy to master this application technique; you just need to dip and dab. Use water or setting spray as a base, dip your eyeshadow brush into the glitter pot, dust off the excess and dab it straight onto the lids. Repeat this a few times for required intensity.

Q. I have hooded eyes, which is why any eyeshadow makeup does not show. Please advise.

A. Many women have this question about how to apply eyeshadow on hooded eyes. Here are your eyeshadow tips. It's best to apply makeup with your eyes open, because it can be hard to find your natural crease with your eyes closed.

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